Kamaru Usman KO’s Jorge Masvidal In 2nd Round At UFC 261

Welterweight champion Kamaru Usman demonstrated in jaw-dropping fashion just how dangerous he can be on the feet tonight at UFC 261 as he became the first man ever to knockout Jorge Masvidal.

Round One:

The main event welterweight title rematch is underway in Florida.

Jab for Usman. Inside leg kick for Masvidal. Now an outside leg kick from Masvidal and misses with a front kick upstairs.

Jab for Usman. Now a body punch for the champ. Another leg kick for Masvidal and Usman blasts him in return with a two-piece combo. Masvidal laughed that off, but his head snapped back from the impact.

Right hand gets through for Usman and now a body punch. Long, straight punches from Usman look crisp.

Body kick for Masvidal and Usman lands a hook on the counter. Knee to the head from Masvidal, but then the champ explodes into a takedown in the center of the Octagon.

Usman landing a few blows, but some might have strayed to the back of the head there. He is working in Masvidal’s full guard. Masvidal works a few elbows, but Usman then lands a big elbow.

Usman props up on one elbow and then blasts Usman with his other elbow. They are working over to the cage and Masvidal is looking to get up. He takes his time and does get to his feet, but Usman is looking to bring him straight back down.

Second attempt Masvidal does get up and to striking range. Usman lands. Usman cleanly connects. The champ wings a punch and misses. Leg kick for Masvidal.

Masvidal blitzes with a series of punches and then a jumping knee to the head. Jab for Usman. The two fighters square up for a moment after the round ends.

Round Two:

Inside leg kick for Masvidal. Usman fakes a takedown. Another inside leg kick for Masvidal. Now one to the outside.

Masvidal just misses with a hook and Usman fired back with a bigger one that also just wings past the target.

Massive straight right down the pipe from Usman and Masvidal gets knocked out! Masvidal seems to wake up partially as he hits the mat, but then Usman switches his lights off with hammerfists at 1.02mins of the second round.

What an unbelievable night of action we’ve had here and that is quite a way to put the icing on the cake as Usman becomes the first man to knock out Masvidal!

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