UFC Fighter and occasional color-commentator / analyst Kenny Florian has nailed his colors firmly to the mast when it comes to the debate regarding steroid use in mixed martial arts during a segment on the UFC Tonight show.

“Don’t do it, dummies,” is Florian’s warning to those fighters who may be considering taking steroids to enhance their chances of success in the Octagon, making it clear that he’s “pissed off” about the string of top-flight MMA competitors who’ve failed drugs tests recently, and wonders aloud, “When did it become about who uses the better PED’s, and who can pass the test better than the other guy?”

Florian also throws his weight behind the idea of random testing is the solution to the current steroid problem that’s hurting the sport’s reputation.

This is probably the most passionate we’ve seen Florian since his infamous “I finish fights” speech in the Octagon, and will be warmly welcomed by those who want to see this unseemly side of the sport wiped out.

Watch his rant in full below.

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