Khabib Nurmagomedov Says Father Survived Covid-19 But Still In ICU

Khabib Nurmagomedov has given an update on his father Abdulmanap’s condition, revealing that he is now free of Covid-19, but is still in serious condition in intenstive care and is unable to speak for the time being.

“Now father’s condition is still serious, he is in intensive care,” Khabib told Channel One Russia. “The coronavirus is gone, but the infection has left consequences on the kidneys and on the heart. Now [the] virus [is] gone. I come to hospital, he recognizes me, but there is no communication, because he is under the hospital devices. Every day I visit him for half an hour, hold his hand, talk, he gestures to understand that he recognizes me.”

Abdulmanapp initially began suffering from what was believed to be pneumonia while in Dagestan, and then was moved to Russia after suffering from heart problems back in April.

He was later diagnosed with Covid-19 and spent time in a coma in an intensive care ward, while also having to undergo a heart-bypass operation.

“I am sure of the doctors [who treat Abdulmanap], they are [some] of the best in the world, I have no doubt. Thanks so much for everything they do. In this regard, everything is very good, it just takes time, because the consequences are very difficult and the rehabilitation period will be difficult and long.”

Needless to say this must have all put a tremendous strain on Khabib too, although he appears to be doing his best to focus on his training, knowing that his father, who is also his coach, would want him to do that.

“I prepare, train every day, because I know that my father would like me to be in good shape. My father would definitely not like that because of him I miss training, of which I am sure. Training helps me relieve stress, distract from everything. We’ll go back in the autumn and defend our title.”

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