Krzysztof Jotko Beats Gerald Meerschaert By Unanimous Decision At UFC On ESPN 35

Krzysztof Jotko was able to comfortably outpoint Gerald Meerschaert on the scorecards tonight at UFC On ESPN 35 after consistently getting the better of the striking action, while performing well in the clinch and on the mat too.

Round One:

Early leg kick from Jotko. Meerschaert comes in looking to throw hands, but gets caught by a counter punch.

Meerschaert with a left hand and Jotko counters again with a hook. Clubbing punch downwards from Jotko as Meerschaert was looking for a kick.

Jotko attempts a step-in elbow. Meerschaert with a punch. Jotko with a couple of punches after Meerschaert punches. Jotko looking more willing to stand and trade than usual here, and it’s paying off so far.

Jotko on the attack again and then clinches up briefly against the cage.

Solid hook and a left hand behind it for Jotko. Again he lands with a two-punch combo to counter Meerschaert.

Jab lands for Jotko. he’s got the faster hands here and is capitalizing on Meerschaert’s more sluggish output.

Body punch from Meerschaert. Now a leg kick for him as he attempts to feels his way into the fight. Leg kick from Jotko and attempts an elbow.

Meerschaert clinches up and presses Jotko up against the cage. Jotko able to reverse the position though and stalls their for the remaining time in the round.

Round Two:

Both fighters come out swinging to start the second. Leg kick for Meerschaert. Jotko with an inside leg kick and a push kick to the body.

Meerschaert trying to apply some pressure now. He steps into a right hand and then goes straight into the clinch. Meerschaert attempts a takedown, but Jotko stays upright for now.

Jotko turns into him and lands a knee to the body as he backs off. Jotko kicks to the body. Meerschaert with an outside leg kick.

Outside calf kick from Jotko now. Left hand gets through for him. Punch lands apiece and then Meerschaert works back into the clinch.

Meerschaert tries to drag Jotko to the mat, only partially gets it, but then goes for it again and does get him down, but Jotko uses the whizzer to stand straight back up.

They continue to jockey for position against the cage. Jotko’s turn now to press Meerschaert into the cage. Jotko gets his back and brings him down. Meerschaert threatening with a guillotine, but Jotko gets out and settles into his guard on top.

Jotko lands a few punches to the body and then loads up on a couple of elbow strikes to the head as the round comes to a close.

Round Three:

Leg kick for Meerschaert. He goes for a tired looking leg kick on the outside as Jotko tries to come over the top with a punch.

Nice right hook for Jotko as he continues to find success working on the counter. He lands the hook again.

One-two for Meerschaert. Solid jab for Jotko. Jotko attempts a clinch, but stumbles forward and has to reset.

Jotko in on a takedown and lands it. Meerschaert trying to isolate an arm, but doesn’t quite get it.

Jotko in half guard, but then Meerschaert is able to drive back up to his feet and presses his opponent into the cage.

Meerschaert going for a takedown against the fence, but Jotko defends and then gets back to striking range.

Two minutes remaining. Glancing blow for Meerschaert. Jotko misses a kick. Jotko ducks under a punch and takes Meerschaert down again.

Jotko in Meerschaert’s guard. Meerschaert throws up a triangle choke attempt, but Jotko evades that. There’s a scramble and Meerschaert is hunting for any chance to get a submission attempt going, but Jotko is showing good control and awareness here to continue to remain on top.

Elbow strike from Jotko from Meerschaert’s guard. They stand up in the final few seconds, but not enough time to get anything going and so we’re headed to the scorecards.


Jotko proved to be a sharp counter-striker tonight as well as handling himself well in the clinch and on the mat to earn a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).

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