Kyoji Horiguchi Oustrikes Louis Gaudinot To Decision Win At UFC 182

Kyoji Horiguchi’s speed, movement and crisp striking helped him earn a unanimous decision win against Louis Gaudinot tonight at UFC 182.

Round One:

Both men keeping their distance to start. Finally Horiguchi lands a leg kick and Gaudinot returns soon after. Then the feeling out process continues at range. Gaudinot knocks Horiguchi off-balance for a moment with a leg kick.

Couple of punches from Horiguchi are blocked and lands a body kick. Horiguchi with a flying knee attempt. Horiguchi with a two-piece combo and then is back out before his opponents counter lands.

Gaudinot Looking to unleashes short flurries as he presses forward, but still finding his range with his punches. He does finally connect nicely with a few strikes.

Horiguchi with a nice front kick that pushes Gaudinot back. Big body kick from Horiguchi. They clinch up and Horiguchi marches Guadinot over to the cage. Horiguchi gets him down, but only momentarily and the end the round back on the feet in the clinch.

Round Two:

Leg kick from Horiguchi and one in return from Gaudinot. Horiguchi with a combination that sends Gaudinot backwards.

Horiguchi with a glancing body kick. He goes for another kick, but it’s a low blow and forces a brief stoppage. Back to it and Horiguchi with a nice one-two combo.

Gaudinot tries an arm triangle submission on the feet – an ambitious attempt, but he can’t get it and they eventually break.

Gaudinot with a spinning kick that misses. Horiguchi gets the better of an exchange and Gaudinot is taken off balance as a result due to a right hand. Horiguchi with a body kick to follow up.

Kick upstairs from Horiguchi is blocked and Gaudinot responds with a leg kick. Horiguchi reels off a series of punches as Gaudinot is forced to just cover up and weather the storm.

Gaudinot looking for kicks, but Horiguchi counters and pieces together a nice combination finished up with a head kick attempt.

Horiguchi catches a kick from Gaudinot and takes him to the mat with it before ending the round with ground and pound. Good round for him.

Round Three:

Gaudinot looking to step up his tempo early in the third and catches Horiguchi with a right hand. The Japanese fighter returns fire with a nice combination of punches followed by a kick. Horiguchi maintains distance with a kick.

Horiguchi darting in and out with strikes. Head kick blocked by Gaudinot. Couple of leg kicks for Gaudinot.

Flurry from Horiguchi backs up Gaudinot. Leg kick and a punch to the body from Gaudinot. Horiguchi steps forward into a body kick.

He lands with a left hand and avoids a hook from his opponent. Continually good movement from Horiguchi. Gaudinot hops up on his opponent looking for a potential guillotine but there’s nothing doing. Horiguchi clinching up, but not for long.

Gaudinot knocked off balance momentarily. He tries to land something big to finish, but Horiguchi slickly moves out the way of those strikes.


Horiguchi the better man here and he earns a unanimous decision victory (29-28, 30-27 x2).

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