Alexis Davis Earns Decision Win Over Liz Carmouche at UFC Fight For The Troops 3

Alexis Davis proved she’s a force to be reckoned with in the woman’s division tonight at UFC Fight For The Troops 3 with a solid decision victory over former title contender Liz Carmouche.

Round One

The two trade leg kicks to start this one off. They’re circling each other looking for openings, but not quite finding their punching range yet.

Carmouche steps in swiftly and lands a good leg kick. Another kick from Carmouche that lands a little awkwardly.

Another outside kick from Carmouche, and soon after one more lands. Davis stalking and lands an inside kick of her own that seems to stagger Carmouche slightly. Another one lands and she seems to be making more of an impact.

Davis tries to press forward with a flurry of punches, though nothing too meaningful scores.

The occasional punch is starting to land now for the two ladies as they warm up to this contest. Davis pushing forward constantly in the final minute and offering up more offense. she finishes the round with a final leg kick.

Round Two

Nice kick from Carmouche. She seems happy to just circle a lot and pick her moments to land those kicks.

Davis lands hard to the leg. She’s still the more aggressive of the two, but Carmouche steps forward and lands a couple of punches and it opens up a nasty cut above Davis’ left eye.

Undeterred, Davis continues to stalk Carmouche and is still having success when she lands kicks to her leg. Brief flurry of punches from her as Carmouche is momentarily caught against the cage, but not too much lands.

Soon after there’s another combination from Davis close to the cage and this time it looked a little more meaningful.

Davis moves in with authority and manages to take Carmouche to the mat. She has a period of control there without doing too much with the dominant position, and just as the round comes to a close Carmouche aggressively shrugs her off and gets on top.

Round Three

Davis again takes the lead in the opening exchange of the final round, pushing forward with punches and getting the clinch against the cage.

The action stalls a little and Carmouche manages to reverse the position and lands a solid knee. Davis spins her around again and tries for a trip takedown that doesn’t pay off before the referee seperates them.

Carmouche back on her bike again circling around as Davis hunts her down. Davis face has been smeared in blood now since that cut in the second round, but she’s certainly not fighting like someone that’s hurt.

Back to the clinch for davis again against the cage and she lands some short knee strikes. Carmouche attempts a takedown, but it’s stuffed.

They trade a few blows i close. Davis lands a punch to the chin as Carmouche misses with a counter. Davis lands the same inside kick she’s had success with for most of this fight.

Relentless march forward from Davis in the final minute landing a kick and a number of knees. And that’s the fight over, so it’s down to the judges to decide this one.


Davis is rightly rewarded for a dogged performance inside the cage tonight with a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x2, 29-28).

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