Lucie Pudilova TKO’s Wu Yanan In Second Round At UFC 278

Lucie Pudilova was able to make the most of her grappling advantage over Wu Yanan tonight at UFC 278, setting her up for a big ground-and-pound finish late in the second round.

Round One:

Yanan with a leg kick to start. She goes for it again. Pudilova with a jab into a takedown attempt. She gets Yanan up against the cage and they jockey for position. Yanan manages to break free while landing an elbow.

Back at striking range Yanan lands a jab. Now a calf kick. Another couple of light low kicks from Yanan.

Pudilova steps in and gets a nice takedown in the center of the Octagon. Yanan tries to work an armbar, but Pudilova improves her position to half-guard, then side control.

Pudilova taking her time here, opting for control. Ref urges her to work and she does land an elbow, but then is back to stifling Yanan with strong pressure.

Pudilova trying to step into full mount, but she’s too high up and Yanan is able to find space to escape and gets back to her feet.

Pudilova pressing Yanan up against the cage now. She lands a knee to the body. Another lands before the round ends.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Pudilova. She lands another one to the inside. Now a one-two for her. Yanan goes to the leg kick too. She lands a upstairs with a couple of punches too.

Pudilova with a leg kick and Yanan returns the favor. Pudilova with the low kick and Yanan delivers one to the midsection.

Body-head punch combination from Yanan without much of a clean connection. Leg kick for Yanan. Pudilova clinches up against the cage and lands a knee before Yanan gets away.

Back to exchanging leg kicks now. Head-and-arm throw lands for Pudilova. She moves to the back and sinks in a rear-naked choke. She’s not got it locked in though and tries to switch hands.

Yanan scrambles and Pudilova is back in side control. She moves to full mount and starts to drop down heavy elbow strikes as Yanan gives up her back. Yanan turns a couple of times, but can’t get away from this relentless barrage and that’s it, big TKO win for Pudilova at 4.04mins of Rd2.

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