Mark Hunt demonstrated his legendary punching power once again tonight against Frank Mir at UFC Fight Night 85, stopping him with a nasty right hand in the opening round before doing his trademark walk-off.

Round One:

Leg kick for Hunt to start. Lots of head movement from Mir. Hooks from Hunt as Mir tries to get in on a takedown attempt. So it looks like Mir is going to try to get this one to the mat if he can.

Jab for Mir. Both men cautiously circling each other here. Leg kick for Mir. He nicely counters a punch from Hunt with the jab.

Head kick for Mir, but it’s slow and seen by Mir. Hunt lands a punch. They reset and Hunt tries for an overhand that just grazes Mir’s head.

Another overhead for Hunt that Mir ducks under and thinks about the takedown, but it’s not happening so far.

Suddenly Hunt uncorks a massive right hand to the head that drops Mir flat on the mat. The referee pauses for a moment, unsure whether to stop the fight or not with Mir still conscious but dazed. However, Hunt just walks off casually, shaking his head and that seems to make the referee’s mind up and he waves off the fight with 3.01mins on the clock and Mir offers no complaints.

Another perfect walk-off KO finish from from ‘The Super Samoan!’