Marvin Vettori Defeats Cezar Ferreira By Decision At UFC Fight Night 155

Marvin Vettori convincingly defeated Cezar Ferreira by unanimous decision tonight at UFC Fight Night 155 with a well-rounded performance on the feet and mat.

Round One:

The two men circle each other in the opening minute. Vettori steps into range and receives an eye poke for his troubles, forcing a brief stoppage.

Jab for Ferreira. Now a low kick. One-two for Vettori. He’s trying to push the pace here and Ferreira’s backing up and circling on the outside as Vettori unleashes punches.

Leg kick for Ferreira. Hard body shot for Ferreira. Another punch for Vettori and then a blocked punch from Ferreira. Ferreira with a wheel kick that misses.

Left hand for Vettori. Right-left for him. Another hard low kick for Ferreira. Back to the calf kick. Ferreira wades into a body shot.

Vettori with a straight right. Ferreira with the leg kick. Hooks from both men and Vettori gets the better of it. Leg kick for Ferreira.

Inside leg kick for Ferreira who has a little trickle of blood on his nose. Another body punch for Ferreira. Vettori catches a kick and takes Ferreira down with it.

Vettori quickly moves to full mount. He’s thhrowing some punchhes, but Ferreira does well to kick him off and bring him back to full guard.

Punches and elbows from Vettori here to end the first round and Ferreira is now bleeding more significantly from that cut to the bridge of his nose.

Round Two:

Right hook for Ferreira. Now it’s Vettori with a big right hook that staggers Ferreira backwards and almost puts him down.

Another right hand for Vettori. Now a left hook lands. Ferreira presses into range and Vettori nicely times a takedown to bring him back to the mat.

Ferreira does well to stand quickly though. jab for Ferreira. Body punch for him and then Vettori ducks for a takedown against thhe cage. Ferreira defending for now.

Vettori gets him to his knees, but Ferreira stands back up. Vettori backs away to striking range and lands a jab.

Good uppercut to the body from Ferreira, but Vettori lands a counter to the head. Another leg kick for Ferreira. He lands another solid strike.

Jab for Ferreira. Another leg kick. Right hand for Vettori. The calf kick yet again for Ferreira. Series of punches from Vettori and Ferreira stumbled again midway through that, but stopped himself from falling to the mat.

Now it’s Ferreira driving in for a takedown, but Vettori does well to stay on his feet as he’s driven backwards and then reverses Ferreira into the cage.

Knees to the thigh from Vettori in the clinch and it’s a bit of a stalement from this position as the round comes to a close.

Round Three:

Jab for Vettori. Missed spinning kick from Ferreira. Ferreira drives into the takedown but again Vettori does well to completely stuff that.

One-two for Vettori but then a hard counter from Ferreira. At close range Vettori lands a flurry. Leg kick for Vettori. One-two for him. Leg kick for Ferreira.

Ferreira working on a single leg takedown, but he just can’t get anything going and they go back to striking range. Another hard combination of punches from Vettori and Ferreira isn’t liking that.

Body kick from Ferreira, but he falls to the mat afterwards and has to get himself up again. Double jab straight left for Vettori.

Bit of a lull in the action and then Vettori lands a leg kick. he stuffs another takedown attempt. One-two for Vettori.

Another hard one-two for Vettori, but Ferreira won’t go down. Another jab connects. Stepback jab and a powerful left for Vettori. Nice work there.

Another two jabs for Vettori. He continues to pick at Ferreira with the jab with a smile on his face as the fight clock runs out.


Strong performance from start to finish then from Vettori and he emerges with a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).

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