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Matt Mitrione TKO’s Gabe Gonzaga At UFC On FOX 13

Matt Mitrione made short work of Gabe Gonzaga tonight at UFC On FOX 13, dropping him with a left hook counter in the first round of their main card opener.

Round One:

No touch of the gloves from Mitrione to start. Mitrione now moving around Gonzaga and lands a big punch as his opponent presses forward looking to land strikes of his own.

Gonzaga with a shot flurry. A punch lands for Gonzaga and Mitrione stumbles backwards momentarily but seems to be ok.

Gonzaga bursts forward again with another combination. Gonzaga throws a body puch, but Mitrione counters with a right then an excellent left hook and it buckles Gonzaga to the canvas.

Gonzaga turtles up and Mitrione lands a few hard strikes. Mitrione thinks he’s done enough and stops punching, but the referee hasn’t called the fight yet so Mitrione goes back and lands one more powerful blow and that’s it, the fights over – Mitrione gets the TKO finish with 1.59mins of the opening round gone.

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