Max Kellerman Offers Insightful Analysis Regarding Ronda Rousey

Max Kellerman may be a boxing commentator, but it seems that he’s also able to offer up a well thought out opinion on the recent fate of MMA superstar Ronda Rousey after her KO loss to Holly Holm.

When asked by the Fight Hype site for his take on Rousey, he first made it clear that it was “amazing” that the former woman’s bantamweight champion had reached a point where, “the world stopped spinning for a minute” for a moment when she suffered her first ever defeat.

Focusing on the fact that people now believe Rousey was over-rated, Kellerman acknowledged that the Rousey hype-train had gone out of control when she started to become cited as the best female athlete / fighter on the planet.

However, looking past that he firmly believed that she was without a doubt the best female MMA figher in the world heading into her fight with Holm.

That being said, he stresses that Holm had legitimate credentials herself and that Rousey may have made the mistake of taking her too lightly.

“Holly Holm had 18 title fights in woman’s boxing, started as a kickboxer, knew how to defend against the armbar and against takedowns, and Ronda in addition to that made the mistake of not respecting her hand game, and so started taking shots, and by the time she realized, ‘Ok, I can’t stand up with this woman,’ she’d already taken enough that she wasn’t strong any more, she was buzzed. Now Holly Holm might have beaten her anyway, but there was that.”

With many taking Rousey’s loss to try and turn it into a boxing Vs MMA discussion it’s good to hear a respected figure from the sport known as ‘the sweet science’ offering inciteful, even-handed analysis.

Watch Kellerman’s full interview with Fight Hype below.

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