Melsik Baghdasaryan Head Kick TKO’s Collin Anglin At UFC On ESPN 28

Melsik Baghdasaryan unleashed some brutal offense on Collin Anglin tonight at UFC On ESPN 28 and that paid off for him in the second round when a big head kick led to a TKO stoppage.

Round One:

Baghdasaryan with an explosive start here as he throws heavy punches and kicks behind it upstairs. Fast strikes from him and Anglin is soon looking to clinch up to try to cool down this early heat.

Baghdasaryan gets away and looks to unload again, but Anglin is back into the clinch quickly.

Baghdasaryan away again and goes for a one-two. Head kick attempt now. Clean straight left gets through. Baghdasaryan clinching up, but Anglin turns into it and then they are back to the center of the Octagon.

Kick for Baghdasaryan. Everything with power from him, and technique too. Solid body punch and now a head kick that’s blocked.

In close Baghdasaryan lands again, but Anglin also lands a punch. Baghdasaryan clinches up, but nothing doing there and they are soon back to striking range.

Good takedown from Anglin. Baghdasaryan quickly gets to his knees and stands up, then is able to drive Anglin into the cage.

They reset in the center of the cage. Baghdasaryan with a knee in close. Now a kick. Straight left gets through. Knee to the midsection and into the clinch again.

Left hook for Baghdasaryan, elbow strike in response from Anglin as they move away. Front kick to the body from Baghdasaryan and then a straight punch that rocks Anglin.

Baghdasaryan looks to follow-up, but Anglin recovers quickly. They break away from the clinch. Anglin manages to lands a nice punch at the end of the round to try to gain some respect back from Baghdasaryan.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Anglin. Front kick to the body from Baghdasaryan and then almost catches Anglin’s attempt to do the same.

Glancing uppercut from Anglin. Jab from Baghdasaryan. Heavy body kick from Baghdasaryan but it’s partially caught. Knee to the body from Anglin. Slap from Baghdasaryan.

Now that straight left from Baghdasaryan that’s had success several times. Almost a clash of heads. Huge head kick from Baghdasaryan lands clean, almost to the neck, and it topples Anglin sideways onto the canvas, with just a single hammerfist follow-up on the mat landing before the ref rushes in to end the fight.

Highlight-reel TKO win for Baghdasaryan at the 1.50min mark of the second round!

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