Michael Bisping and Anderson Silva exchanged words yesterday during a UFC Fight Night 84 open workout in Los Angeles ahead of their fight in London on February 27th.

It all started when Bisping approached Silva and interrupted him while he was holding court at his media scrum, and initially they just exchanged pleasantries, hugging and wishing each other luck.

However, this is Bisping we’re talking about, so you know he couldn’t resist a little trash talk.

“No Viagra!” Bisping quipped, a reference to Silva’s failed excuse at a NSAC hearing last year in which he claimed he’d mistakenly taken a banned Performance Enhancing Drug that was in a sexual performance medication he’d been given.

“No! No! Just my punch in face,” Silva fired back. “Relax, don’t worry man.”

Bisping was clearly eager for a confrontation and that was his cue to take things up a notch.

“It’s my shin to your chin! You’re too old. Too old. Look at this beard!” Bisping said, pointing at the 40 year-old Silva’s greying facial hair.

“I’m old! But you know what, I’m more smart,” Silva responded. “I’m champion for a long time. Remember?”

“Yes, on steroids!” Bisping retorted.

At that point Silva looked to defuse the situation by asking for another hug, and Bisping obliged, only for ‘The Spider’ to launch a not-so subtle verbal jab at him.

“I understand your frustration for never going for the belt,” Silva said.

“you’re so skinny!” Bisping remarked after disengaging their hug.

Amidst their passive-aggressive remarks tensions were rising, and as Bisping started to go back to his Viagra inspired jokes the two were then separated, vowing to see each other in London.

Check out the full confrontation in the video below courtesy of MMAFighting.com.

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