Michael Bisping Treated To Hero’s Reception At Fox Sports HQ

Newly crowned UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping was treated to a hero’s reception when he showed up at FOX Sports 1 headquarters earlier this week.

Bisping, who serves as an analyst at the channel, was greeted by dozens of staff members, including fellow broadcast partners Karyn Bryant, who filmed the video below, and Kenny Florian, who gave a speech to commemorate the occasion.

“I know a lot of you are like, ‘I don’t even know who you are,’ but are just happy to get five minutes out of the office,”
Bisping joked as he thanked everyone for the warm welcome.

After that Bisping was tasked with sticking a cutout of his own head on top of former champion Luke Rockhold’s face on a nearby poster of current UFC champions.

“This is major douche move,” Bisping admitted as he did so, adding, “…and I am a major douche.”

Speculation is currently rife as to who Bisping’s first title defense will be against, with many fans being vocal in their desire to see him go up against the 45 year-old Dan Henderson, who holds an infamously brutal KO victory over ‘The Count’ at UFC 100.

Bisping is keen to avenge that loss, and ‘Hendo’ has said he’d welcome the opportunity to cap off his career with a final fight with his rival, but it remains to be seen if the UFC would agree to that showdown.

Adam has a background in wrestling and began training MMA in college. He is currently an avid fan of MMA with a main focus on the UFC, but also enjoys watching the smaller promotions too. Today he writes for Fightofthenight,com about his favorite sport.