Hot on the heels of the news that female superstar Ronda Rousey has become the first woman ever to sign for the UFC, one of her biggest rivals Miesha Tate has confirmed that she too will now fight for the sport’s No.1 organization.

“So Stoked to be fighting for the @UFC it’s been a dream of mine for along time! SO happy it’s finally come true :-D” Tate told her followers on Twitter.

Despite news of Strikeforce’s final event coming in January and Rousey moving over to the UFC being acknowledged privately by those in the know, Tate is the first fighter to actually officially confirm that she’s signing.

Interestingly, only weeks ago Tate announced that she was considering taking a year out from the sport after confessing that she had become “burnt out” and lost some of her passion for fighting, no doubt at least partially due to her submission loss to Rousey back In March, though she did rebound afterwards with a win over Julie Kedzie in August.

You’d have to imagine fulfilling a life-long dream to fight for the UFC is going to reignite her desire to compete though.