Myles Jury put in a controlled, assured performance tonight against Diego Sanchez at UFC 171 as he claimed a unanimous decision win.

Round One:

Sanchez with a low stance and tries to land a front kick to the thigh that misses. Sanchez tries a spinning kick, misses and is caught with a good strike.

That gets Sanchez fired up and he motions for Jury to come forward. Jury being patient though and not getting lured into Sanchez’s world.

Jury using movement and picking at him from range. Suddenly Sanchez barrels forward with a barrage of strikes and a few connect before he gets into the clinch against the cage.

A few short knees from Sanchez as he presses Jury against the cage. Jury manages to spin out and tries to stick out that jab.

The two men trade body kicks. Another body kick from Sanchez and Jury catches it and thinks about a takedown, but can’t get it and lets it go.

Sanchez moving forward quickly again, but nothing lands this time. Sanchez waving Jury forward again, but Jury still sticking to his own gameplan and stays on the outside.

Another flurry from Sanchez, apparently not sticking to his pre-fight gameplan of being more technical!

Nice head kick lands for Jury, but Sanchez seems unphased.

Jury suddenly goes in and gets a takedown. Sanchez threatens with a leg lock, but Jury gets out of that and stays in a dominant position as the round closes.

Round Two:

Kicks and the jab from Jury to start of the second round. Body kick from Sanchez and he wades in with a flurry, but Jury catches him nicely on the counter.

They separate. A right hand lands hard for Jury and that slows Sanchez down momentarily and appears to have opened up a cut.

He’s soon back at it though with another balls to the wall charge forward. Reckless stuff from him and Jury is still calm and measuring his strikes throughout.

Half the round to go and Sanchez is wading in with left and rights again, but while it looks aggressive there’s not a whole lot landing – which has always been an issue for Sanchez throughout his career.

Jury lands a nice punch and then lands a takedown. Sanchez from his back goes for a guillotine choke with less than 90 seconds of the round to go.

Sanchez really cranking hard on this attempt, but Jury gives a thumbs up. Sanchez eases up on the pressure and then lets go.

Jury lands an elbow and Sanchez scrambles to his feet. Sanchez catches him on the way up and his face is a mask of blood as the round ends.

Round Three:

Jury back to working from range, staying calm and technical under pressure. Sanchez with a jumping front kick that doesn’t land too effectively.

He does another kamikaze charge with lefts and rights pistoning out, but again it’s more flash than substance.

A body kick lands for Sanchez nicely. A head kick fires off from Jury, but it’s blocked.

A lull then another mid-kick from Sanchez. Missed punch from Jury and a body punch comes in return from Sanchez.

Jury clinches up and presses Sanchez up against the cage. Not a lot happening though and Sanchez gets away. Sanchez charges again and Jury does nicely to circle out and land a hook on the way.

Again Sanchez coming in and this time Jury ducks in and secures a takedown. Jury trying to pass his guard, but is unsuccessful and sticks in his guard.

Jury posturing up and Sanchez explodes with an armbar attempt, but it slips out immediately. Sanchez back up and then drops down with a guillotine attempt that doesn’t get a chance to get going before the round ends.


Good job by Jury here, sticking to his gameplan and using technique against Sanchez’s brawling style and that earns him a unanimous decision win from the judges (30-27 x2, 29-28).