According to Nick Diaz his legal team’s battle against the frankly ludicrous five year suspension he was handed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission in September for a failed marijuana drug test is going well.

NSAC have been heavily criticized for their heavy-handed ruling in Diaz’s case, leading to over 100,000 people signing a White House petition to have it overturned, and it appears that the commission may now be looking to back down from what appears to have been a significant blunder on their part.

“Just spoke with my legal team at Campbell & Williams and talks with the NV athletic commission are going well,” Diaz wrote on Instagram. “We’re working hard with them to get this right. Thanks for the support.” goes further, reporting that one source suggested that Diaz, “could actually be back in the Octagon by sometime in 2016,” though it’s still a “work in progress.”

Perhaps the best indication that NSAC have seen the error of their ways is the fact that Diaz’s lawyer Lucas Middlebrook says the commission haven’t even put the five year suspension in writing so far.

If and when they do so Middlebrook would then look to file a petition for judicial review, but it appears the hope now is that this won’t be neccessary if the commission agrees to rethink the length of the suspension.