Nick Diaz claimed he was retiring from the sport after his loss to Georges St.Pierre back at UFC 158 in March, but he’s recently given the first indication that he was ready to return to the action, and it’s now emerged that the UFC has offered him a new fight.

“There is an offer on the table, that’s all I can say,” Diaz’s long-time coach Cesar Gracie told Radio this week.

“It’s something everyone is looking at right now and discussing with him. Dana has offered him a fight. There is an offer on the table, I can’t say who it is, but it’s kind of neat I think. But no decision’s have been made for sure.”

Since his last fight Diaz has dabbled in the fight promotion business, attaching his name to the ‘WAR MMA’ promotion which held it’s first event in his native Stockton last month.  However, afterwards he indicated that it wasn’t guaranteed that there would be a second event.

Soon afterwards he reached out to Dana White via Instagram in a message that’s since been deleted, simply stating, “Dana, get me a fight.”

Whether the UFC have offered him an opponent that will entice him back into the Octagon remains to be seen though.  Previously he had stated that only a major fight such as a rematch with Georges St.Pierre or a move up to middleweight to take on Anderson Silva would interest him, but now that he’s had time out he may well have had a change of heart.

Hopefully that is the case as Diaz is still only 29 years-old so he still has plenty of time left in the sport, and given his reputation if he could get a win or two under his belt then another title shot could be a real possibility for him.

Update: In a strange twist to this tale, Dana White has refuted Cesar Gracie’s claims that Diaz has been offered a fight, telling that no-one from the UFC has contacted the fighter.