Nick Diaz has indicated in a new post on Instagram that he would be interested in a rematch with Anderson Silva.

The two men fought at UFC 183 in January with Silva emerging victorious by unanimous decision, but there was controversy afterwards as the Brazilian tested positive for steroids while Diaz was flagged for marijuana.

Diaz doesn’t seem to be concerned with any of that though – instead claiming that he did enough to win the fight and that the rematch should take place in a ring under PRIDE rules with yellow cards to penalize a fighter who moves away and doesn’t engage.

“Ready to rematch,” Diaz wrote. “Won the last fight to by far learn how a real fight works UFC needs to you to incorporate yellow cards for people who stall or move away be much better for the fans and the and the sport to favor the best martial artist should be fighting in a ring instead of a dog cage like to see someone get away with for corners should be promoting #mma not a game of tag and hold on for dear life #pridefc #welovethering”

Of course there’s pretty much no chance that the UFC would agree to this, and even if the idea of a rematch was on their agenda it’s not going to happen any time soon since both Silva and Diaz are likely to be facing a lengthy suspension for their respective failed drug tests.

Diaz is currently looking to appeal to the commission regarding his test however, while Silva has also delayed his hearing with the Nevada State Athletic Commission several times while he prepares his defense.

However, Silva has previously indicated that he intends to continue fighting and would be willing to rematch Diaz, so it’s possible that it could happen at some stage in 2016.

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    He knows Anderson has great kicks and that he kicks like a girl.