The fact that Nick Diaz received a five year MMA ban for a positive marijuana drug test from the Nevada State Athletic Commission last week is still the source of much frustration in the mixed martial arts community and beyond, but in the mean time the fighter himself is mostly concerned about how he’s going to be able to support himself.

“I have to figure out how to make a living,” Diaz told TMZ Sports, adding later, “I’m just trying to make ends meet.”

Diaz lawyer has already vowed to appeal NSAC’s harsh decision, but that could take some time and there’s by no means a guarantee of a positive outcome, so as things stand the Stockton native is facing the reality that he won’t be able to fight again until he’s 36 years old.

“It’s upsetting,” he admits. “I held off on having kids and getting married so I could fight. I gave my life to this. I am a fighter. It’s what I am. A lot of guys have to worry about what their wives and kids think, I don’t. All my attention goes towards fighting, and now I don’t know if I can fight. They’ve taken it away from me.”

However, Diaz is still clinging on to the hope that perhaps other state commissions may take pity on him.

“I’ve been hearing other states’ athletic commissions are angry about the ruling, so hopefully I’ll be able to fight in those states.”

That option seems unlikely. Historically the state commissions tend to stick together on these matters, though it certainly wouldn’t hurt Diaz’s case if they were to use their influence to put pressure on NSAC to see the error of their ways.