Ovince St.Preux forced a verbal tapout from Ryan Jimmo tonight at UFC 174 with Jimmo complaining of a broken arm.

Round One:

Jimmo with a leg kick to start. Solid body kick from OSP soon after. Jimmo misses with a couple of punches and OSP lands with a couple of his own, then presses forward and lands another hard shot.

Another big punch from OSP who’s off to a good start. Jimmo looks to make his mark though and presses forward with punches and then clinches up against the cage.

A couple of punches to the thigh from Jimmo who looks like he’s trying to find a route to a takedown. Before he can do so OSP reverses the position and presses him up against the cage.

They wrestle back and forth against the cage and then break with OSP landing a nice knee on the way out. Jimmo with a little blood coming from his nose with half the round to go.

Punches from both men just wing past the target and then OSP comes up short with a head kick. A few kicks are exchanged, but nothing with too much power behind it.

Cuffing overhand lands for OSP. Body kick from OSP and Jimmo counters with a punch.

Body kick lands for Jimmo. He moves around a bit and then lands another. St.Preux moving forward and then lands a nice punch.

OSP barges in and looks for a takedown. Looks like Jimmo is going to get straight back up, but OSP adjusts and keeps him down. Into the final seconds now and Jimmo gets back up before the buzzer.

Round Two:

Nice right hand from Jimmo to start. He tries to clinch up but OSP pushes him away. Jimmo gets the better of another brief exchange.

Both men kick at the same time and Jimmo appears to have been knocked off-balance and OSP gets on top. He gets to the mount and then immediately to his back.

OSP rolling onto his back as he hunts for the rear-naked choke now with one hook in. Jimmo rolls to his knees and OSP starts to land some ground and pound.

Then Jimmo starts saying “My arm’s broken, my arm’s broken!” The referee doesn’t stop it immediately though and OSP is yanking on his arm looking for a kimura when the fight is finally stopped with 2.10mins of the second round gone.

It’s not immediately clear what broke Jimmo’s arm and OSP’s not sure either, but he’s certainly happy to pick up the victory.