Jimi Manuwa Knocks Out OSP In Vicious Fashion At UFC 204

Jimi Manuwa returned to form tonight with a devastating KO victory over Ovince St. Preux at UFC 204 in his native England.

Round One:

OSP with an early left hand. Now a body kick too. Manuwa with a leg kick and another one behind it. OSP into the clinch and marche Manuwa to the cage.

OSP with a knee to the body. One in return from Manuwa, then again from St. Preux. The knees continue to be traded, then OSP backs away and they get back to striking range.

Manuwa tries for a body lock, but OSP shoves him away. Body kick for Manuwa. Clinch and Manuwa pushes OSP to the cage this time. Knees to the midsection from Manuwa.

They break apart and OSP charges forward and tries for the clinch. He’s able to take Manuwa down close to the cage, taking his back as he does so. Bad spot for the Brit with a little over two minutes of the round to go.

OSP being patient on top as he looks to adjust his position. Manuawa able to stand, but OSP is straight into another takedown that he lands.

Manuwa trying for a guillotine choke, but OSP gets out of that. Manuwa tries to scramble up, but OSP stays on top as he’s left to turtle up again near the cage in the final minute of the first round.

OSP with a couple of punches and an elbow. OSP trying to improve position, but that lets Manuwa stand and he lands a punch and a big knee to end the round.

Round Two:

Left hand for OSP, then one in return from Manuwa. OSP with a few low kicks. Very nice hooks land from Manuwa, and now a body kick.

OSP goes into the clinch and drives Manuwa against the cage. They break apart and Manuwa lands another hook and a kick. He just misses with a spinning backfist.

Manuwa edging the striking exchanges, but getting caught up in the clinch will be a constant concern for him going forward. Front kick for OSP. Front kick to the face attempted by Manuwa. Body shots landing now.

Hard leg kick for Manuwa. Left hook is blocked. Straight right gets through though, and Manuwa tries for a flying knee too as he starts to flow. OSP looks to be fading here.

Manuwa with a body shot and then huge right hook that staggers OSP. Capitalizing on that a Left hook lands for Manuwa and that sends OSP crashing to the canvas, sealing a massive knockout victory for ‘Poster Boy’ at 2.38mins of the second round!

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