Pat Barry KO’s Shane Del Rosario With Devastating Punches

Pat Barry found himself in trouble on the mat in the first round of his fight with Shane Del Rosario, but he rebounded in the second round to deliver a devastating knockout.

The two men exchange kicks to start – to the body from Del Rosario and the legs from Barry.

Then Del Rosario closes the distance and looks to clinch up against the cage. He lands a knee and drops for a takedown, but Barry stuffs it. Still caught up against the cage Barry tries to flip his opponent onto the mat, but is also unsuccessful.

More clinch work with Del Rosario landing a few knees and even a punch to the thigh of Barry, then they break free.

Del Rosario lands a leg kick, but Barry returns fire soon after with a much heavier one. Del Rosario goes for the clinch again and then gets the takedown he’s been looking for.

Del Rosario’s got his back and sinks in a choke, but he’s not quite got it. Del Rosario’s still on his back though and Barry tries to shake him.

He’s only partially successful and Del Rosario seizes one of his arms in the process. He can’t get the armbar either though and returns to Barry’s back. With just moments of the round left Barry is able to scramble to top position, but doesn’t have enough time to do anything with it.

Onto round two and Barry lands a big right hand that sends Del Rosario backwards. Barry follows up with a blistering right hand that has Del Rosario badly rocked.

Barry charges forward with a combination of punches and Del Rosario slams up against the cage. Another huge right hand hits Del Rosario flush, sending his head reeling as he folds on to the canvas and it’s all over!

Massive knockout for Barry, surviving some big scares on the ground in the first round to deliver some stellar highlight-reel footage for his future fights.

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