Payton Talbott Demolishes Cameron Saaiman In 2nd Round At UFC On ESPN 53

Payton Talbott confirmed he’s a force to be reckoned with tonight at UFC On ESPN 53 as he convincingly beat up another promising fighter Cameron Saaiman before finishing him via TKO early in the second round.

Round One:

Quick calf kick for Saaiman. Now a head kick attempt that comes off the guard. Back to the calf kick. Body punch for Talbott.

Low kick for Saaiman. Now body kicks traded nicely. Crisp right hand for Talbott but then a punch to the body and head from Saaiman.

Good punch for Talbott. Low kick from Saaiman. Talbott shoves Saaiman away. Saaiman lands a punch, but eats one too and is hurt by that.

Saaiman thinking about a takedown but eats a big knee to the head from Talbott that rocks him, but somehow he keeps fighting.

More strikes from Talbott including good elbows. He threatens with another knee but doesn’t land it this time. He goes for punches. Saaiman tries for a takedown but can’t get it.

Lightning quick head kick attempt from Talbott only just blocked in time. Good jab for Saaiman, but Talbott continues to press forward throwing his own strikes.

Head kick attempt from Talbott. Spinning kick to the body from Saaiman. Hooks a kick to the body from Saaiman, but the kick strayed the groin and forces a brief stoppage. Talbott wants to keep fighting again quickly though.

calf kick for Talbott. Saaiman loading up on punches but not landing. He does land a punch now. Body kick for Talbott and a punch in return from Saaiman.

Talbott lands a knee to the body. High kick from Saaiman is caught by Talbott, who uses that to put him on the mat as the round ends.

Round Two:

Talbott floor Saaiman with a check left hook to start the 2nd round! Hammerfists raining down and now repeated left hands forces the ref to step in and end the fight, big TKO victory for Talbott just 21 seconds into the second round.

Impressive performance from Talbott who continues to be an offensive dynamo early in his UFC career.

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