Ronda Rousey Armbars Cat Zingano In 14 Seconds At UFC 184

Cat Zingano was billed as Ronda Rousey’s toughest challenge to date at UFC 184, yet ‘Rowdy’ took just 14 seconds to tap her with yet another perfectly executed armbar in front of a celebrity packed audience in Los Angeles.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway.

Zingao immediately charges in with a flying knee to the midsection and tries for a headlock, but that’s a massive mistake as Rousey almost seemed to be expecting it and is more than happy to go to the mat and just flips her over effortlessly.

Guess what’s next – Rousey is immediately going for an armbar and locks it in beautifully in what almost seems like the blink of an eye, and almost as quickly Zingano is tapping.

The whole fight lasted just 14 seconds – the fastest title fight win in UFC history and tied for the fastest submission win in UFC history.

Remarkable stuff and Rousey’s reign of dominance not only continues, but accelerates as top flight opponents succumb to her submission prowess in shorter and shorter amounts of time.

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