Ronda Rousey Does It Again – Taps Out Sarah Kaufman By Armbar In Rd1

Well, would you believe it – Ronda Rousey has done it again, submitting the highly experienced former champ Sarah Kaufman by armbar in the early stages of the first round.

Rousey wasted no time and pressed forward looking for a chance to clinch from the opening bell.

She was able to do that, pressing Kaufman up against the cage and then quickly taking her down to the mat.

As quick as a flash she grabbed Kaufman’s arm and moved in for her patented armbar, but Kaufman was expecting it and was doing her best to defend it.

Kaufman does her best to roll out of it, but despite her best efforts Rousey remained attached to her limb and was eventually able to prise it free from her grip and in doing so almost immediately produced the tap with just 54 seconds on the clock.

Six pro-fights, six first round wins by armbar – impressive stuff, especially against seasoned campaigners like Miesha Tate and now Kaufman who both knew what was coming yet were powerless to stop it.


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