Ronda Rousey has done it again, stopping Bethe Correia in just 34 seconds tonight at UFC 190, but it’s the manner in which she did it that’s going to have everyone talking – knocking Correia clean out with a right hand to the temple.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway in Brazil. Rousey looks to strike but misses and is almost off-balance as she thinks about the clinch.

Rousey landing uppercuts and a knee as she presses forward with a single collar tie, but Correia is trying to keep her at bay with her jab. She goes for a trip takedown and Correia tumbles to the mat. She rolls right back up, but Rousey meets her with punches against the cage, piecing together a combination working to the body and head and Correia looks to be rocked already as a left hook snaps her head back!

Correia tries to clinch, but Rousey continues to go on the offensive with a knee, a couple of left hands and then a right lands to the temple and Correia drops like a stone, face first to the mat. She’s KO’d! Rousey has won again, this time by knockout in just 34 seconds!

Remarkable stuff!  That was a decisive a finish as you’ll see anywhere in mixed martial arts competition. Ronda Rousey truly is the Mike Tyson of the MMA world and has evolved into a complete fighter who can stop her opponents at a moments notice wherever the fight goes which must be a terrying thought for the rest of the woman’s 135lb division.