Rory MacDonald: UFC 145 Post-Fight Interview

There’s little doubt that Rory MacDonald is a major new force in the welterweight division and a dominant win over Che Mills in the co-main event of UFC 145 last night only further solidified that fact.

Check out the key quotes from MacDonald’s post-fight interview below and scroll down to watch it for yourselves.

On His Pre-Fight Nerves:

“I was nervous going into this fight because I put a lot of pressure on myself. [Also] the media wasn’t giving much respect to my opponent which can always make you look bad if you lose. So, I tried to put it out of my head, but I came out, I won the fight. I made a some mistakes, but it’s kind of a blessing when you make mistakes and still win because you can learn from them and still have the victory.”

On The Mistakes He Made During The Fight:

“There’s technical errors that can be fixed. I strive to be the perfect fighter. In my opinion I shouldn’t be able to get hit, touched, anything, you know? The fight should end like that [snaps fingers], exactly how I want it too. So, until that happens I’ll never be happy.”

On His Dominant Ground And Pound Finish:

“I just stayed on him. I knew he was hurt from the first round ground and pound. Whenever I hit someone on the ground full power like that I know that the fight is pretty much over. But, he was very tough, hard to put away. It took longer than I expected after I landed those shots in guard, but I just stayed on it, I was in good shape and I finished the fight.”

On What Comes Next:

“You know what, I just want to stay busy. I need to stay injury free, I need to train properly, stay focused, sharp and continue to grow as a fighter. I plan on doing at least three fights a year. That would make me happy.”


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