Ruslam Magamedov Defeats Shawn Jordan By Unanimous Decision At UFC 192

Ruslam Magomedov proved himself to be the superior striker tonight against Shawn Jordan at UFC 192 and earned himself a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Jordan taking the center of the Octagon. Magomedov feels out wit ha kick. Now he lands one to the body and then fires off punches on the reverse as Jordan comes forward.

Magomedov pacing on the outside and lands a leg kick. Jordan moves in quickly, eats a punch, but gets into the clinch against the cage. He lands a few knee strikes to the legs of his opponent.

Magomedov reverses him, but only briefly before Jordan once again has him pressed up agains the cage. Jordan goes for the takedown and does manage to manhandle him to the mat.

Jordan in half guard with Magamedov awkardly pressed up to the cage. Magomedov looking to stand, but Jordan remaining heavy on top. Magomedov does stand with a kimura attempt as Jordan thinks aabout the takedown. Magomedov uses the submission attempt to escape and get back to striking range.

Jordan wings a couple of big punches. Now he targets the legs with a kick. Magomedov goes upstairs with a kick and then lands a solid combination of punches.

Hard body kick from Magomedov. Overhand left from Jordan misses and Magomedov lands a clean counter to the head. The action slows in the final seconds of the round. As Jordan goes back to his corner he reveals he thinks he’s broken a rib.

Round Two:

Jordan to the center of the Octagon again. He unleashes a barrage of strikes to the body and head. Again he throws a kick and then punches and he tags Magomedov who might have been a little rocked there.

Joran presses him up against the cage, but Magomedov reverses and breaks away. Jordan takes a deep breath, but goes back to it.

Jordan again works into the clinch against the cage. He’s looking for a takedown, but Magomedov keeps his stance wide and then reverses him.

Magomedov moves away. He tries a head kick and it seems to graze Jordan’s eye and he feels at it, but continues.

Jordan’s offense looking a bit sloppy here while Magomedov is still picking his shots cleanly on the counter. Magomedov upstairs with a head kick that’s blocked. Left hook and a straight from him.

Another clinch and they jockey for position back and forth. A few knee strikes to the legs from Magomedov. Again he backs away and then tries for a head kick and again it just grazes his opponent. Body kick from Magomedov as the round closes.

Round Three:

Beautiful question mark kick from Magomedov lands upstairs, but Jordan presses forward with a punch of his own. Jordan in on a takedown attempt against the cage, but Magomedov defending well. Jordan lands a knee to the leg. Magomedov reverses the position, lands some big elbows and then a high kick. Good work from him and Jordan has cuts around both eyes now, but still coming forward anyway.

More kicks from Magomedov. Short left hook as Jordan comes in. Now a right hand. Another question mark kick and it lands. Great technique.

Now Magomedov pumps out the jab to Keep Jordan at bay. Jordan lands a leg kick. Right hand for Magomedov and a front kick to the body.

Jordan moves back into the clinch, tries for the takedown, but it’s stuffed again with a little less than two minutes remaining. Magomedov reverses. Jordan lands an uppercut. Magomedov backs away, tries for the head kick upstairs once again.

This time it’s Magomedov who tries to initiate a clinch, but Jordan pushes him to the cage and as they break he lands a solid elbow to the head.

Magomedov lands a few punches and a couple of front kicks to the body as the fight comes to a close.


Magomedov was clearly the better striker here and landed frequently throughout the fight with crisp counters while not getting bogged down in Jordan’s clinch work and that earns him a unanimous decision verdict from the judges (30-27 x2, 29-28).

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