Ryan Hall put on a creative grappling clinic as he dominated Artem Lobov on the mat for 15 minutes tonight at the TUF 22 Finale to become the next Ultimate Fighter winner.

Round One:

The TUF 22 Final is underway. Hall with a kick ot the knee and another kick. He kicks again to the body and then rolls into a takedown.

Crazy scrambling action from Hall and he somehow hoists himself onto Lobov’s back from nowhere and is straight into a rear-naked choke attempt.

Hall not able to make Lobov tap with that attempt, but he remains on his back with the body lock in. He starts to soften up his fellow finalists with short shots to the head.

Half way through the round with Hall remaining in this advantageous position, but Lobov able to defend so far. Body punches for Hall. He wants to find that opportunity to sink his arm under the chin again, but nothing doing for now.

Hall gets a little space to lands some harder punches. Lobov to his knees, but Hall remains attached to him via the body lock and continues to land some strikes as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Hall with a high kick attempt to start. Lobov presses forward with punches, but doesn’t land. Hall lands high to the body with a kick. He goes to the body with another kick, but loses his balance and drops to the mat momentarily.

Another rolling takedown attempt from Hall, but Lobov moves away from it this time. Lobov looking to exchange, but Hall pulls him into his guard on the mat.

Hall crafty again as he looks to improve position, but Lobov gets back up to his feet. A head kick attempt from Hall and then is able to bring Lobov into his guard again. Lobov quickly back up though.

Kicks and then guard pull again from Hall. Lobov inside his guard but not doing much to unleash some offense or improve his position here. Hall throws his legs up, lands a few hammerfists and then transitions to a heel hook attempt. Lobov defends and shakes off that attempt, ending up in half guard.

Lobov looks a bit out of ideas down there and Hall threatens with the leg lock again as the round comes to a close.

Round Three:

Final round then and Hall starts of with kicks and Lobov lands one of his own. Lobov misses on a huge uppercut.

Front kick attempts from Hall and then reaches for a leg and pulls guard looking for a potential heel hook attempt. Lobov escapes and tries to stand, but Hall stays on him, hops up and pulls him to the mat into his guard.

Again Lobov doing very little despite being on top. Hall looking for the leg lock attempt, but Lobov escapes. He stands and Hall leaps onto his back. Lobov remains standing. Bit of a stalemate here and that suits Hall who’s already two rounds ahead in the fight.

Only 90 seconds again and Lobov is offering nothing here to suggest he has a solution to the puzzle that Hall presents. Hall trying to get his right arm under the chin, but it’s not happening for now. Final 10 seconds and Hall does bring him to the mat and throws his arms out in celebration before the final horn sounds.


This was all Hall and his crafty grappling for 15 minutes and a unanimous decision decision victory leads to him becoming the next Ultimate Fighter.