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Scott Coker Post-Fight Interview After Strikeforce’s Last Ever Event

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker watched his promotion’s last ever event unfold last night and then admitted it was a “surreal experience.”

Read a few keynotes below and scroll down to watch the full interview courtesy of below.

– Coker said it was almost “like a dream sequence” watching his promotion’s last fight, and confessed that it was also “emotional” for him.

– We haven’t seen much of him since the UFC bought out Strikeforce, and Coker says he’s used the time to get himself in shape and get back to his martial arts roots by becoming a student of the sport again – training and taking exams, an experience he describes as “priceless.”

“The journey’s going to continue, believe me, it’s just in a different format, that’s all,” he vows with regards to his future.

– As for what comes next, he has contractual obligations with the UFC now which he intends to honor and so he’ll visit with them in a couple of weeks time to hammer out exactly what his roles and responsibilities in the company will be.

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