South African MMA Fighter Booto Guylain Dies After EFC Fight

Extreme Fighting Championships Africa fighter Booto Guylain has tragically passed away as the result of the injuries he sustained in a fight on February 27th.

Guylain fought fellow South African Keron Davies, who was making his MMA debut, at the event which was reported to have been a tough battle that ended in the third round when Davies was able to mount his opponent and land some hard elbow strikes that ended the contest by TKO.

“Guylain suffered a serious head injury during his MMA bout at EFC Africa 27 last Thursday,” a statement from EFC read. “Immediately after the bout, he was stabilized by the on-site medical team and transported to the hospital, where he was treated for swelling and bleeding on the brain. Guylain received care from one of South Africa’s top neurosurgical teams but tragically passed away today.”

Guylain had fought only competed in mixed martial arts once before, also losing by TKO in the EFC cage back in November.

The 29 year-old is survived by his wife and son who are believed to now be entitled to financial support as a result of Guylain’s passing.

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