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Strikeforce Results: Gegard Mousasi Beats Mike Kyle Quickly By Submission

Gegard Mousasi booked his spot in the UFC tonight with a quick submission win over Mike Kyle at Strikeforce’s final event.

Mousasi wasn’t intimidated by Kyle’s power in the opening stages, working some nice early low kicks, though he wisely pushed forward with a tight defense and good head movement as he started to work his punches too.

Kyle clinched up and landed a few knees, but they break apart and shortly afterwards Mousasi gets a nice takedown.

Mousasi locks down the position tight and then works to improve his position, and before long he finds himself in full mount. He starts to rain down punches and Kyle doesn’t like it. He tries to turn away, exposing his back which Mousasi gladly takes and then wraps up a rear-naked choke.

Kyle taps, but the referee hesitates and he has to tap again before the fight is ended with 4.09mins on the clock.

In the end a relatively easy win for Mousasi and he’s another fighter from the Strikeforce roster who could make an impression in the UFC’s ranks later this year.

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