UFC Results: Jon Jones Beats Alexander Gustafsson In Epic Battle

Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson put on an incredible show in the main event of UFC 165 tonight, going the full five rounds in an extremely closely fought, bloody battle, but Jones ultimately emerged with the decision victory. Mark this one down as a classic!

Round One

we’re underway in the main event title fight. Gustafsfson lands a kick to start and Jones replies with a low side kick.

Jones with a spinning kick and then tries to get a takedown that’s stuffed.

High kick from Jones lands high on Gustafsson’s body. Gustafsson presses forward aggressively and Jones keeps him at bay with a few aggressive side kicks to the leg.

Gustafsson’s height and reach are definitely making this one looking interesting and he connects with a nice punch to Jones’ face.

The Swede’s scoring with a couple of kicks. A right hand lands solidly for Gustafsson and Jones is definitely not having it his own way here.

Gustafsson connects again with a grazing punch and Jones has a little cut on his face. Jones gets back on track a little with a nice spinning kick to the body.

Low inside kick from Jones and Gustafsson counters with punches. Jones still pressing forward though and Gustafsson throws a superman punch.

Gustafsson suddenly clinches up and manages to get Jones to the ground for the first time in his career! To his credit the champion gets up almost immediately.

Jones sticks his open hand in Gustafsson’s face and that causes an inadvertant eye poke that forces a brief stoppage.

Spinning elbow lands for Jones as he finishes the round aggressively. Very interesting round.

Round Two

Inside leg kick lands for Jones. He’s trying hard for a takedown now, but despite practically sprinting at the Swedish fighter he just can’t get him to the mat.

He’s not giving up on that yet though, trying again for that takedown, but unlike his previous opponents Jones just can’t get him down.

So, the champion goes back to striking and gets caught with a quick punch from Gustafsson. Jones walks forward and lands a kick, then a spinning kick. He continues with a side kick to the leg.

With Gustaffsson getting the better of the punches it’s all about kicks now for Jones and he goes upstairs and catches Gustafsson off-guard, connecting to the head with his foot which causes the challenger to back off for a moment.

He seems ok though and is back to landing a few punches.

Jones goes for another head kick, but Gustafsson catches it and uses it to dump him for split second to the mat.

Back on the feet they are right back to the striking exchanges. With 30 seconds to go Jones is again looking for the head kick and it grazes him.

Round Three

Leg kick from Jones. Gustafsson responds with a combination of punches. Another leg kick for the champion.

Gustafsson lands with a right hand. Jones misses with a head kick and then tries a spinning back kick.

The Swedish fighter lands a jab to the body, then another to the head. Good hand speed from him.

Jones lands with the head kick, but it’s not impactful enough to really rock his opponent. Leg kick and a body kick from Jones and a couple leg kicks in return from Gustafsson.

Nice hands again from Gustafsson – he’s been showing good accuracy all fight long.

Left hook lands for Jones. He tries for a front kick to the face that just misses. Good body kick for Jones and Gustafsson backs up.

A kick and a jab from teh champion. Gustafsson throws a little flurry of strikes. He looks for a takedown, but Jones blocks it and he backs away.

Jones with another high kick and Gustafsson catches it and they break apart.

Jones goes for a spinning elbow and it doesn’t quite come off and Gustafsson’s trying to take him down, but isn’t successful on this occasion.

Another very close round comes to a close with one final punch from Jones.

Round Four

Hard right hand thrown by Gustafsson to start the round showing he means business. Jones lands with a left.

Leg kick from Gustafsson shortly followed by one from Jones. Hard kick to the upper body by Jones and then he lands with a nice straight punch.

Jones tries to clinch and Gustafsson fends him off and lands a punch. Gustafsson tries to push forward and Jones catches him with a jab on the way in.

Solid low leg kick from Jones. The jab gets through for Gustafsson and again as Jones lands a couple more low kicks.

More punches landing for the challenger mixed in with a good body kick. Jones pressing Gustafsson up against the cage looking to finally secure that takedown he’s been hoping for all fight, but nope, again he’s denied.

Jones is leaking blood heavily from his right eye, but he’s continuing on regardless.

The champion aggressively moves in for the takedown again and Gustafsson almost easily seems to eny him.

Finally Jones hurts Gustafsson badly hurt with a spinning elbow that immediately opens up a nasty cut high on his head. He stays on his feet, but he’s backtracking rapidly to buy himself some time as Jones presses forward with more offense.

Gustafsson looks wobbly on his feet and is perhaps relieved that after some strikes Jones tries another takedown, which he still manages to stuff. And the round ends with Jones in the ascendancy for really the first time in the fight.

Round Five

Gustafsson looks to have recovered a bit inbetween rounds, but the left side of his face is matted with blood.

Gustafsson’s puunches are still crisp and are landing. Both men land with hard shots.

Big stepping elbow lands for Jones and Gustafsson responds with a couple of rapid-fire uppercuts.

Gustafsson looks to punch to the mid-section and Jones counters with a right hand.

Jones goes for the takedown and at last he lands one. It’s a big moment for him, but it’s short-lived as Gustafsson gets to the cage and gets back upright.

They break apart and Jones lands hard with a head kick. He seems ok, but Jones lands another hard kick.

Gustafsson looks to be gassed now, putting his hands down by his sides and leaning over for a brief moment.

He’s having to back away now as Jones offers up more offense. He really doesn’t seem to have much left in the tank at all, but Jones isn’t able to switch up the gears enough to really take advantage.

Jones scores with yet another big head kick and soon after another! Gustafsson is still standing though and we’re in the final minute of the fight.

A big jumping knee lands for Jones too and he’s finishing this exhilirating fight strongly, but will it be enough to get him the win? The final bell sounds so we’re going to have to go to the judges to find out!


What a stunning fight and it’s a tough one to call. Let’s see what the judges say.

They see it unanimously and it’s Jon Jones who gets his hand raised (48-47 x2, 49-46).  that’s perhaps a little unkind to Gustafsson, but all credit to him for turning this fight into one of the best title fights we’ve ever seen and by far and away the toughest bout of the champion’s career.

Give credit where it’s due though – Jones had to battle through real adversity at times in this fight, yet did manage to pull through and had Gustafsson in real danger numerous times in those last two rounds.


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