UFC 166 Results: Cain Velasquez Stops Junior Dos Santos By TKO In The 5th Round

UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez emerged victorious tonight at UFC 166 in his rubber match with Junior Dos Santos, again dominating his biggest rival as he did in their second fight.

Round One

Huge punches immediately from Dos Santos and Velasquez looks wobbled already from a left hook! If that’s true then the champion recovers extremely quickly and looks for a takedown.

Velasquez thinking about a choke, but Dos Santos moves out of danger. They trade punches in close – perhaps taking a leaf out of the Sanchez Vs Melendez fight from earlier this evening!

Velasquez clinches Dos Santos up against the cage. When they break apart they both trade strikes and it’s clear these two mean business right away.

Head kick from Dos Santos, but he stumbles backwards and Velasquez goes back to clinching up against the cage.

Velasquez manages to drag Dos Santos down to the mat and smothers him from top position. Dos Santos tries to get out and switches to his back, but Velasquez is still on him.

Dos Santos gets to the cage and stands. Velasquez still pressing on him though and lands a good knee to the mid-section.

He’s still in the clinch against the cage and lands a good uppercut. Short punches from the champion.

Dos Santos breaks free in the final seconds of the round and tries a spinning kick which glances the body of Velasquez.

Round Two

Nice left hand from Dos Santos as Velasquez comes forward. Velasquez is relentless though and keeps coming forward, landing a momentary takedown and then after Dos Santos stands he goes back to the clinch game against the cage.

Velasquez steps back then unleashes a series of punches, but Dos Santos does well to get away from the worst of it with head movement.

He manages to circle away, but not for long as Velasquez continues to pressure him, landing a few jabs and then going back to the clinch. He peppers Dos Santos’ legs with knees.

JDS gets some distance again, but not for long – he’s drawn back into the cage clinch again by Velasquez.

Suddenly Dos Santos performs a very nice takedown, but Velasquez gets right back up, lands a strike and has the fight back in the clinch again. He’s definitely dictating the pace of this fight and where it takes place.

He backs away, then thinks better of it and rushes back into the clinch, perhaps looking for a takedown, but deciding to just continue as is instad.

Another brief break, but Dos Santos misses with a few punches and then is caught up in Velasquez web once again.

Velasquez lands a nice punch in close, but as he breaks away Dos Santos lands a good elbow and then a right hand that may have hurt the champion a little and that’s the final action of the round.

Round Three

Nice right hand from Dos Santos to start the third round. Then it’s back into Velasquez’ world in the clinch. A brief separation gives Velasquez time to land a thudding punch to the head of his opponent.  More knees to the legs and short punches follow, slowly wearing down his rival.

Dos Santos lands another good elbow, but it doesn’t appear to phase Velasquez.

They separate and Dos Santos takes the center of the cage – but then backs up and finds himself in the clinch again.

Again they get some distance and Velasquez lands a nice punch, then tries for a takedown that doesn’t pay off.

Dos Santos circles away from another  clinch situation and is looking to let his hands go.  It’s Velasquez who suddenly connects though with a vicious right hand behind the ear that drops the Brazilian and has him badly hurt.  He’s not done yet though and somehow manages to struggle back upright under duress.

Velasquez pouring on more punches against the cage and Dos Santos legs give out under him and he falls to the mat and gets back up.  The referee looks exceptionally close to stopping the fight, but somehow the challenger is hanging in there and continues to fight.

Remarkable heart from JDS, but Velasquez is all over him.  He continues to look a punch away from being finished, but remarkably he makes it to the end of the round.

Round Four

Velasquez picks up right where he left of, moving in and landing punches to his chin again as he gets into the clinch.  The champ breaks away and then fires off another combination of punches that has the bloodied and battered Dos Santos bouncing off the cage, but somehow he remains standing.

Dos Santos looks exhausted and conversely Velasquez still seems full of energy.  Having said that, a brief moment’s space gives Dos Santos the opportunity to fire off a sharp left hook that shows he’s still dangerous.

Dos Santos looking for a few elbows when he gets the chance.  A straight punch lands nicely for Dos Santos, and not long after an uppercut also connects.

Velasquez pressing him up against the cage again and they are both soaked in blood, mainly coming from Dos Santos who’s sporting a few cuts around his eye and that causes another doctor’s stoppage, but they are ok to continue.

Immediately back to teh clinch goes Velasquez.  Big elbow lands hard for Dos Santos, but he’s then bounced back of the cage with a strike from Velasquez.

Dos Santos’ cut above his right eye is a real problem and may be affecting his vision, but he’s continuing on regardless.  In general his face is just a swollen mess now, just as it was in their second encounter.

Round Five

Velasquez secures a takedown from the off in the final round.  Dos Santos manages to get to the cage and stands, only to find himself back in the dreaded clinch.

Nice punches from Velasquez in close.   He tries to initiate a takedown, but it doesn’t work out.  More short punches to the face.  They break apart and both men connect.  Velasquez getting the better of it though.

The clinch work continues and in desparation Dos Santos looks for a choke and tries to drag Velasquez to the mat.  It’s awkward though and instead he thumps his own head against the mat on the way down.

JDS looks dazed and stays on his knees offering little defense as Velasquez seizes on the opportunity and rains down punches on him, and that’s it – the referee’s called an end to the fight, handing the champion the TKO victory at 3.09mins of the fifth round!


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