UFC 166 Results: John Dodson KO’s Darrell Montague In The First Round

John Dodson’s punching power continues to be a big problem for the rest of the UFC’s flyweight division, with the highly touted Darrell Montague being his latest victim, leaving him face-first on the canvas in the first round.

Round One

Dodson throws first, but misses.  Montague throws a leg kick, but it lands a little high and he apologizes.  Hard leg kick from Montague, Dodson fires back in return, though not quite so hard.

Suddenly Dodson bursts forward and lands a solid right hand that lands with a crack.

Both men still pretty much feeling each other out at this stage.  Montague lands another solid leg kick.  Not long after Dodson returns the favor.

Dodson lands a perfect left hand down the pipe and it sends Montague toppling back onto the canvas.

All credit to Montague for recovering quickly and getting back to his feet, but he’s still under serious duress here as Dodson looks for a fight-ending punch.

Montague taking more shots and looks for a takedown to give him respite, but there’s nothing doing.

Dodson lands another solid blow, but Montague seems to have his feet back under him now and shrugs off the punch.

Perhaps I spoke too soon as not long afterwards Dodson cracks him with another flush left hand straight to the chin and there’s a slight delayed reaction before Montague falls flat on his face for the KO finish with 4.13mins of the first round gone!  Great stuff from Dodson, he’s got remarkable power for a 125lb’er.

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