The end-of-year UFC 168: Silva Vs Weidman II event in Las Vegas proved to be a money-spinner for the UFC, with the $6.23 million live gate being the second highest ever for the promotion in the U.S.

They achieved that with an official attendance of 15,650 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, and with only 1076 tickets being comped that means that the average price for a seat at the show was $428.

The only event to draw more Stateside was rematch featuring Anderson Silva, on this occasion against Chael Sonnen, at UFC 148 in July of 2012 which had a $6.9 million gate, also in Las Vegas.

Both events still fall well short of the UFC’s worldwide record though, with UFC 129: GSP Vs Shields in Toronto, Canada raking in a jaw-dropping $12 million gate thanks to being held in the Rogers Center stadium.

With Anderson Silva almost certain to be out for the entirety of 2014 due to the broken leg he suffered at the show, and the UFC’s other biggest draw GSP taking indefinite leave from the sport after vacating his welterweight title at the end of the year, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll be seeing an event rival these kind of numbers again any time soon.

The show must go on though and other major stars like light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones and woman’s bantamweight title holder Ronda Rousey (who fought in the co-main event of UFC 168) will now be looked upon as the best bets to fill Silva and St.Pierre’s shoes in 2014.