UFC Reebok Uniform: Pictures

Below you’ll find a collection of pictures featuring the UFC’s new official Reebok designed uniforms which were unveiled today at a special press conference in New York City and are on sale now at UFC.com.

The main kit comes in three different forms. Firstly there is a ‘universal’ kit which comes in silver and black with a gold badge and is available to all the fighters on the roster. Then there’s a ‘country’ kit which has a common design, but comes with country specific color schemes and sleeve patch. Finally, champions will be kitted out in a separate all-black uniform with red and gold trim.

Beyond that there is also other clothing available such as jerseys, hoodies and sports bras.

Danny is 26 years old and hails from Rochester, NY. He's been training in MMA for the last two years and whether it's the UFC ,One FC, Bellator or a number of other smaller shows he's always happy to settle down to watch some fistic fireworks.