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UFC Releases Nine Fighters From It’s Roster Including Chad Griggs

Former Strikeforce heavyweight Chad Griggs is amongst nine fighters who have been released from the UFC’s roster as they look to make room for a whole new influx of talent from the now defunct promotion’s ranks.

Originally signed by Strikeforce as a stepping stone opponent for Bobby Lashley, Griggs upset the odds by defeating him before racking up a further two wins. He wasn’t able to match that form in the UFC however, dropping to two convincing losses at heavyweight light-heavyweight respectively.

Griggs joins Nick Penner, Marcus LeVesseur, John Cofer, Joey Gambino, Jeff Hougland, Jared Papazian, Yasuhiro Urishitani and Henry Martinez on the way out the exit door.

Most of the other fighters mentioned come from the UFC’s lighter weight-classes and there’s no major surprises here.

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