UFC Results: Brad Pickett Beats Mike Easton By Split Decision

In a highly competitive back-and-forth bantamweight battle at ‘UFC On Fuel TV 9’, Brad Pickett got the better of Mike Easton by split decision.

The two men trade kicks to start this fight off. Then Pickett begins to let his hands go with a few flurries.

More kicks follow and Pickett catches one of Easton’s and shoves him to the floor. Easton pops straight back up though and presses Pickett up against the cage. He works for a takedown, but the Brit shows could defense to stuff him before landing a few nice elbows and reversing the position.

Pickett breaks free and it’s back to the striking game. Easton opts for a high kick, but it misses. Pickett throws a couple of shots and comes forward with a takedown attempt, but it fails.

Pickett looking bright in the stand-up, but he overcommits to his punches and allows Easton to duck under and get a takedown before landing a big punch. Pickett is quickly up though and soon after he returns the favor by landing a takedown of his own.

Easton gets back up but is still pressed up against the cage with Pickett latched to his back. Pickett drags him to the mat again just as the bell sounds.

Onto round two and there’s a few close exchanges of strikes. Easton reaches for a takedown attempt a couple of times, but doesn’t fully commit to it. Pickett comes in with a flying knee that misses and Easton shoves him away.

Pickett starting to load up with bigger punches, but Easton looks comfortable and it’s close stuff at this stage. Pickett swoops for a takedown, but Easton barely touches the mat before getting back up.

Easton gets a takedown and tries to hold the position, but can’t lock him down for long and they pop back up to their feet.

Pickett then ends the round strongly, biting down on his gum shield as he backs Easton up against the cage and fires off a series of strikes.

The third round starts on the feet, but it’s not long before they hit the mat with Easton briefly on top, but Pickett sweeps very nicely and ends up on top. The Brit works a little ground and pound, before Easton finds room to get back to his feet.

Not for long though as Pickett hoists him up and sends him back down again. There’s a scramble, but Pickett’s staying on him and looks for a guillotine choke. Easton’s ok though and eventually gets out of it.

They’re back on their feet for the final stages of the round and trade punches toe-to-toe in the last seconds to bring an end to an entertaining, competitive bout.

It’s down to the judges to figure this one out, and they see it in Pickett’s favor by split decision (30-27 x2, 28-29).


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