UFC Results: Renan Barao TKO’s Eddie Wineland With A Spinning Back Kick

Renan Barao successfully defended his interim bantamweight title tonight at UFC 165 against Eddie Wineland with a terrific spinning back kick to the face.

Round One

A leg kick lands for Barao to start this one off. A few air punches from wineland and then he returns with a leg kick.

Another leg kick lands for Barao and Wineland counters with a very nice punch in reply. Barao attempts a takedown, but it’s stuffed by Wineland who then clinches up with him against the cage until they’re separated by the ref.

They reset in the middle of the cage. Barao goes for a left high kick, but it lands a little awkwardly and Wineland shrugs it off.

There’s a clash of legs and Wineland seems to have got the worst of it. Barao unleashes a few kicks and just misses with a spinning one.

Leg kick lands for Barao. Wineland attempts the superman punch but doesn’t connect. Barao tries for a takedown, but it’s blocked.

Couple of kicks from Barao and then a nice right hand. Wineland comes in again and a hard 1-2 lands for the Brazilian.

Final 10 seconds and Barao springs forward with another two-piece combination.

Round Two

Nice body kick from Barao early in the second round and Wineland responds with a few body punches.

Then out-of-nowhere Barao connects with a spinning back kick that Wineland ducks straight into, taking the brunt of it to the face which sends him flying backwards onto the mat.

Barao follows up with a couple of punches to his grounded opponent and Wineland’s dazed which forces the referee to bring an end to the fight, handing the interim bantamweight champ the TKO win with just 0.35mins of the second round gone.


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