Urijah Faber got back on track in a big way tonight at UFC 157 with a convincing first round submission victory over Ivan Menjivar.

It looked like the opening minute was going to be striking based in this fight, but half minute in Faber looked to clinch up and Menjivar instantly utilized a beautiful throw to take him to the mat.

However, Faber showed his ground smarts as he roled and ended up on top. From inside Menjivar’s guard Faber sets himself and then lands a few hard elbows to his opponent’s head.

Menjivar gives himself a little room by pushing Faber off and then lands a nice upkick that puts him back a step, but the former WEC champ gets right back to it and again starts working big elbows from the guard.

With a minute of the round to go Menjivar stands up, but Faber’s right on him and jumps onto his back. Menjivar’s still standing as Faber locks in his legs and then goes for the rear-naked choke, and it’s very tight forcing the tap with 4.34mins on the clock.

Vintage display from Faber here, probably his best to date in the UFC and just what he needed after a week in which it was at one point suggested that he could be in danger of being cut if he lost (though that was later denied).