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Urijah Faber Snapchat’s Drunken, Defactating Woman Who Broke Into His Home

UFC star Urijah Faber found himself in the middle of a bizzare situation this past weekend when a drunken woman broke into his new home late at night.

Faber, who documented the incident in a series of video posts on Snapchat, said that the woman walked into his home and immediately proceeded to the bathroom where she locked herself in.

‘The California Kid’ phoned the police who showed up in force with multiple squad cars and an ambulance. They forced their way into the bathroom to find the obese woman naked and passed out on the floor. To make matters worse she’d defecated herself as well as being sick. Needless to say it was not a pretty sight!

Later the woman, thankfully now fully clothed, was ushered outside where she claimed to police that she couldn’t remember her name. Meanwhile, back inside Faber joked that he was now going to have to play the role of ‘janitor’ as he headed to the bathroom to clean up the scene of the crime!

It’s been an eventful time for the 36 year-old lately as he’s only just moved into his new home while dealing with a public feud with former Team Alpha Male coach Duane Ludwig and the subsequent bombshell news that bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw would be leaving his gym, and not forgetting attending the marriage of another long-time TAM training partner Joseph Benavidez who got hitched to UFC presenter Megan Olivi at the weekend.

Check out all the snapchat footage Faber posted about the home intrusion incident in the handily compiled youtube video below.

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