In a statement on his Facebook page, Vitor Belfort has claimed that he did not willingly back down from a title shot against Chris Weidman after yesterday’s decision by the Nevada State Athletic Commission to ban TRT exemptions.

“Vitor Belfort didn’t give up on the fight, he was forced to give up” Belfort stated on his Facebook page.

“I never gave up on UFC 173 fight and never said that. Any information about it in the media is not true. What I said was that I’ll ‘quit on TRT’, and not ‘quit on the fight’, to continue my dream to fight.

“The UFC has decided to put another opponent in my place because of the fact that I won’t have time to suit NSAC’s new rules. According to the UFC, I will fight the winner of Weidman vs. Lyoto under the athletic commission new rules.

“I’m sorry that it happened and I appreciate the strength and understanding of all the fans, sponsors, UFC and the athletic commissions.”

Belfort’s latest statement appears to differ from the original one he issued yesterday to FOX Sports Live, which read:

“Given the time constraints involved between now and my proposed next bout in May, I have determined not to apply for a license to fight in Nevada at this time.”

So far the UFC has not confirmed whether Belfort will indeed meet the winner of May’s Chris Weidman Vs Lyoto Machida fight.