War Machine is officially in custody today after U.S Marshals tracked him down to a hotel in Simi Valley, California, 30 miles outside of Los Angeles.

According to the Simi Valley Police Department, The US Marshals service, “requested assistance from the Simi Valley Police Department to effect the arrest of Jonathan “War Machine” Koppenhaver on 8/15/14 at approximately 1:45 P.M.”

War Machine is believed to have been an ex-resident of Simi Valley and was found hiding out in a hotel room at the Extended Stay America Hotel with, “a small quantity of cash and some pizza.” It’s believed that he didn’t put up a fight when he was found.

He has since been transported from the Simi Valley Police Department to the Ventura County Jail. War Machine had seven warrants out for his arrest at the time of his capture in relation to an alleged assault at a residence in Las Vegas in the early hours of Friday, 8th August which left his girlfriend, porn star Christy Mack with serious injuries including 18 broken bones, missing teeth and a ruptured liver, and another man with two black eyes and a broken nose.

The story attracted international media attention and also caught the attention of reality TV star ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ who was also believed to be on the trail of the fugitive at the time of his arrest.

In a separate incident today ‘Dog’ was reported to be present as police swooped on War Machine’s home in downtown San Diego, with Animal Services then being called in to take care of what are believed to be two of his pet snakes which had been left behind in the apartment.

War Machine has previously served two separate year-long jail sentences for assault, and given the serious nature of the charges he’s now facing, which include Battery with Substantial Bodily Harm, Battery by Strangulation, Battery Resulting in Substantial Bodily Harm Constituting Domestic Violence, Open or Gross Lewdness, Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Coercion, it’s likely that he’ll now be facing a lengthy prison term if found guilty.


  1. It’s now extremely apparent that Koppenhaver is a violent psychopath who needs to be removed from society. Look closely at his tweets, blogs, phyiscal actions and behavior. He clearly exhibits all of the traits of a psychopath.

    Pathological lying.
    Lack of remorse or guilt.
    Grandiose self perception.
    Superficial charm.
    Manipulation of others.
    Constant need for stimulation.
    Shallow emotional reactions to deaths and serious injuries of others.
    Parasitic on others.
    Poor behavior control.
    Sexual promiscuity.
    Early behavior problems.
    Impulsive and Irresponsible.
    Never admits to being wrong or owning up to mistakes.
    Criminal versatility and errors in judgment.
    Manipulating others emotions into causing them to view him as a ‘poor injusticed victim’ thus rendering them vulnerable for future exploitation.
    Prone to belittle, humiliate, mistreat, mock and physically attack people.

    Among other evidence which includes his public statement that he would ‘kill’ his girlfriend if the separated;

    On his Twitter account, he suggests taking out others before going down himself. “When I am ready to die, I will kill many and I will then kill myself and I will tape it. It will be rad.” “But before I die, I’m gonna take a lot of people out first…Trust that.”

    This is the same deranged mind who was messing around with MMA legend Ken Shamrock’s 14 yr old daughter and abandoned her in Mexico. Needless to say, Koppenhaver has been going to great extents to avoid Mr. Shamrock.

    And now that he realizes he has few options for the crimes he committed against his ex-girlfriend and another man, he once again attempts manipulation through claims of an unjust world and he is the victim.

    Because there are few actual medical treatments for psychopathy, this individual should be safely housed behind bars for a long time to come and treated as well as a psychopath can be.

    There is no doubt that should he be released, he will continue to commit serious violent crimes.

  2. Well stated, except …” ….Because there are few actual medical treatments for psychopathy..”

    There is NO none treatment for the personality disorder psychopathy. There might be an effort to modify ones behavior to a law abiding citizen when released from prison but once a psychopath always a psychopath.