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War Machine Facing 32 Charges Including Attempted Murder

John Koppenhaver, AKA ‘War Machine’ appeared in court today in Las Vegas for an initial hearing in which it was revealed that the former UFC and Bellator fighter is now facing 32 charges, most of which relate to an incident on August 8th in which he’s alleged to have attacked both his girlfriend Christy Mack and another man named as Corey Thomas.

The charges include attempted murder, sexual assault, first degree kidnapping resulting in substantial bodily harm and battery, which leaves War Machine potentially facing life behind bars without possibility of parole if he’s found guilty.

“It’s a serious case,” said District Attorney Steve Wolfson according to The Las Vegas Review Journal. “We’ve alleged serious charges. The accusations are serious.”

According to Wolfson ex porn-star Mack, who is recovering from a number of series injuries resulting from the incident including 18 broken bones, missing teeth and a lacerated liver, will be appearing in court to give her side of the story in due course.

War Machine, who went into hiding for a week after the incident before being found by US Marshalls holed up in a long stay motel 30 minutes outside of L.A, has previously served two year-long prison sentences for assault in recent years, but his lawyer Brandon Sua still hopes to persuade people that he’s not the bad guy he’s been portayed to be.

“The public, as well as the people, will understand that War Machine is a character,” Sua told reporters outside the courtroom. “He is an MMA fighter. He is controversial. And people need to understand where to draw that line from his character as War Machine and a person as Jon Koppenhaver, because that’s who he is.”

War Machine was denied bail today at the hearing and is now scheduled to return to court on October 17th.

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