War Machine Prison Diary 2012: Week 18

It’s time to catch up with the further adventures of War Machine in week 18 of his second stint behind bars in Las Vegas.

WEEK 18:

“State is the name of the coldest of all the cold monsters. Coldly it tells lies; this he crawls out of its mouth: ‘I, the state, am the people.’ That is a lie!” -Nietzsche

Hey, is it weird that although we are only allowed out of our cells 1 hr./day M-F, I mostly refuse and only come out twice/week, and even then only for 30 min.? I love solitary confinement? lol. It’s not fun to come out though. It’s similar to hooking up with a chick but not doing IT. “Are we 12? Do you think blue balls are a myth?” Would have been better off going over to your buddy’s pad and just the same, I may as well wait until my release date to leave my cell.

Anyway, I wanna show you a little proof of the fact, that U.S. law punishes the strong more severely than the weak, and for no other reason than strength alone. One example in the case of animals and then one for us. Okay, every day people get bit by lil’ annoying dogs. I myself have been bitten countless times by the lil’ jerks and I bet you have too, but they cause no damage so nobody cares. Now, every once in a while a Pit Bull bites someone but they are strong and cause damage. These incidents attract attention and have resulted in horrible cases of discrimination – some cities actually ban the breed entirely, because they are “vicious and dangerous.” Bogus claims as Pit Bulls were bred to be people friendly and to hunt or to fight OTHER ANIMALS. What good would a fighting dog be if it attacked the owners or the ref while they were in the ring? How would you be able to separate them safely? This same fact is also why the police don’t use them for service and why they make poor watch dogs. (Believe it or not). They’re bred to hurt animals not people. You are much more likely to be bitten by German Shepherds and Chihuahuas, but no cities ban them. SO then, Pit Bulls are persecuted for the STRENGTH of their bite, NOT because of their likeliness to bite! Humans.

Here’s a simple scenario: Driver A is rear ended, get out of his vehicle and punches the man behind him. He’s weak and there’s no damage, so he ends up pleading guilty to misdemeanor assault. Driver B gets rear ended and he does the same irrational thing, but his punch was effective and breaks the victim’s nose. He’ll end up with a felony battery with great bodily injury on his record, forever being labeled a “convicted felon.” Here we have two identical situations, same maliciousness in intent (Driver B didn’t hit him repeatedly or purposely grab and twist/break the nose) but a CLEAR example of the law punishing the STRONG more severely. “But he had injuries,” say the peanut gallery. Make him pay the bills, don’t label him a felon and give the other man a slap on the wrist! In other words, is it a misdemeanor to punch someone if you’re weak but a felony if you’re strong? “No, if Driver B would have punched him, but caused no damaged, he’d have received a misdemeanor too,” cries the peanut gallery! So now he’s a felon due to bad luck? What if Driver A hit his victim 10 times, trying his hardest to KILL his victim, but being so weak, zero damage is done… Driver B is still the felon, while Driver A is still an upstanding citizen with only a minor blemish on his record! Who would you rather was allowed to own a gun? B of course! But he’s a felon and has lost tons of rights, all just because he’s STRONG! What is this? Is it not DISCRIMINATION of the STRONG? Similar to our Pit Bull friends? Thank God they haven’t started euthanizing “felons” the way they do harmless Pit Bulls… YET!

Another thing: Why are the police trained to over-charge at the time of arrest? Example: Driver A committed a misd. assault BUT they’ll ring it up as Felony Battery. Driver B (since he’s STRONG) committed a felony battery with G.B.I. BUT he’ll be arrested for felony INTIMIDATION, DA’s don’t like fair fights and the judges are too crooked to check them at preliminary hearings (like they’re supposed to). They over-charge people to scare them away from their RIGHT to a jury trial and leave them jumping to sign the “deal” offered. The “deal” of course, is just admitting guilt to their ACTUAL crime. If you’re in Driver A’s shoes: you can either go home with a misdemeanor conviction and small fines, or go to trial against the TRUMPED UP charges, risking a felony conviction, jail time, and either probation or parole. How is this LEGAL?! How can they arrest you for what you did not do AND make you face that charge in trial? This is complete B.S. and completely TRUE! The state is doing this to cut down on trial costs and to increase conviction rates. How easy is the D.A.’s job when he doesn’t even need to PROVE you’re guilty? All he has to do is show the bazooka that he brought to the knife fight and everyone is signing on the dotted line! How is this possible? Why are they doing all of this? Don’t ignore what you read, it’s only a matter of time before you or a loved one are effected. American imprisons its citizens at a rate higher than ANY other industrialized nation, the U.K. comes in 2nd but still at a rate 7x lower than the U.S.! Cold hard facts. “Land of the free?” It’s a scary time to be an American, a terrifying time to be a STRONG American, and a deadly time to be an American Pit Bull Terrier!”

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