Good news: War Machine is now officially beyond the half-way mark in his latest stint behind bars.  Bad news: He’s not seen either Floyd Mayweather Jr or Arianny Celeste during their stays at the Las Vegas jail he’s currently serving time at.

WEEK 16:

“Half-way done, they can’t stop the machine! All jail does is give my injuries time to heal so I can come back stronger than ever, just ask Huerta. He was off in Thailand, training his ass off for a year. I was locked in a box and malnourished for the same amount of time, should be impossible for me to win after only 3 months of freedom, right? Yeah, well I did, and there’s gonna be hell to pay for the unfortunate opponents standing in my way upon this release, just watch and see!

Anyway, you know what’s weird and actually helping my time fly by? My food cravings have vanished! I can’t even recall when it happened, I only just realized it. In the beginning, I drove myself crazy imagining pizza, tamales, you name it. Now I can hardly even imagine their taste; odd, because last year, month by month, my cravings only grew stronger. What a blessing this amnesia of deliciousness is, let me tell you! That bit of positive info being said, ever since their lil’ intimidation search, we haven’t been let out of our cells! LOL! After the 1st 4 days we got out for a 5 min. shower, but that’s it! WTF?! Did they find any weapons, drugs, bombs? Noooo! Why the punishment? Blah! To top it off, it’s the weekend and in jail weekends S-U-C-K! Why? No mail. The mere possibility of receiving mail at the end of the day helps the time go by. And for some B.S. reason they don’t do mail Saturdays here. No idea why, pretty sure the mail man shows up here just like he does everywhere else… irritating. While on the mail topic: how come everyone who promises to write you before you come in never do?! All kinds of random people, whom you haven’t even spoken to in forever, write me out of the blue though… Odd. And ESP is strong in jail, it’s crazy. I’ll think of someone and BAM, next thing I know I get a letter! Not sure if their intention/act of writing sends me a signal or if my thoughts of them inspire them to write? Either way, it’s a trip. This happened several times last year and already 3 times this stay. I love magic. But there’s no magic with the people whom I expect to write and think of a lot. Or maybe there is and they think of me too, but take no action to write?

Man! Would you believe these SOB’s just did the same crap as last week again?! Just, minus the flashbang grenade. Why do they enjoy looking at our buttholes, as we cough twice, all of a sudden? What are they looking for? Since they last did it, none of us have even left our cells, besides quick 5 min. showers one time. The only possible way for any of us to have obtained anything illegal would be if one of the guards gave it to us. Check THEIR buttholes! Ours are still empty from the last time… BTW, why cough twice? If something is in there and you proceed to cough twice, will it launch out onto the floor? LMAO! I really hate spreading my cheeks for random dudes, it’s not even fun. And I despise cleaning up the mess in my cell after they throw everything around! Anyway, @FloydMayweather got here but he’s not in my module, sucks! Would have been nice to pick his brain a little. I guess @AriannyCeleste was here too, all the guards were talking about it. They kept asking if I know her, I guess she missed the first 1/2 of the UFC because of it. She prolly didn’t miss much though, UFC’s that consist of mostly heavyweights are normally boring. Definitely not as boring as jail though.

I just read a sick book about children who remember past lives. Maybe it’d be quicker and more fun if I just kill myself real quick and get born again? Tempting. But then I couldn’t make my come back and piss off all of my haters so I think I’ll stick around.”

WEEK 17:

“Verily, I have often laughed at the weaklings who thought themselves good because they had no claws.” -Nietzsche

All too true. BTW, Thank you to whoever sent me this book on Nietzsche, I’m really enjoying it. From now on, I think I’ll begin each blog with one of his quotes. Jail is a sad, sad place. Every week I overhear someone tell another that they just got sentenced to “life.” Most of the time I don’t think much of it, as I can place no face or story to the voice. It’s easy to just assume that they must have committed some horrible act, I should have learned my lesson from my time in San Diego’s jail. There’s a guy who I’ve been talking to and sharing books with next door, real nice guy, and always in good spirits. I always just assumed him here for a brief stay. WRONG. They just offered him a “deal” of 35 years. If he refuses, and then loses trial, he’ll prolly get life without parole… Of course he’s going to trial, getting released at 60 is just as good as life. Anyway, he’s optimistic that he’ll win and go home, false hope of course. I’m sad for him. I’m sad for all the men I got to know last year too; they hand out life sentences like nothing, every day. And I don’t want to hear the opinions that have been GIVEN to you. BS talk of so-called “super predators,” these guys are just as human as anyone you ever knew, not an “evil” bone in their bodies. People think of life sentences, and all that comes to mind is cold-blooded murder, rape of children, and the like.

The government paints you pictures of home invasion robbery: Mr. and Mrs. Smith and baby Joey’s family dinner being interrupted by the horror of masked men crashing through the windows, them being tied up, beaten, and possibly raped. Fantasies! Hollywood TV; shit like that doesn’t happen at random, to innocent people. I’m willing to bet less than 1% of all home invasion robbery/kidnapping cases go down that way. That 1%, sure they deserve life, but not the other 99%. Picture this: you discover your buddy screwed you over, maybe he banged your wife or he ratted you out to your own wife, telling her you’ve been messing around. You go to his house, confront him on his doorstep, one thing leads to another and you shove him inside and enter. Maybe you yell and scream, wrestle around, or punch him… That’s home invasion. And kidnapping because you moved him more than a couple feet, in a certain direction, against his will. Assault too, but who cares? 15 to LIFE each for the first two. This and druggies robbing one another make up the other 99%; they deserve life? No, but if you read in the paper, that a man was sentences to life for home invasion/kidnapping, you feel no remorse because you only imagine the 1%. Who is the real criminal? The District Attorneys, the judges, they are not using the laws responsibly, and take lives away by using such loopholes.

Let’s ask Nietzsche: “Mistrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerful. They are people of a low sort and stock…” D.A.’s and judges are criminals: kidnapping, false imprisonment, destruction of families. Guilty of all that and much more! I’m sick with grief and disgust for my fellow man. Let me also note one more thing. So you’re facing 15 to life on each charge. They’ll offer you a “deal” of 20-25 years if you plea out and don’t go to trial. However, if you do EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT to have a trial, you are sure to be punished extra for exercising that right. To clear it up, “the 1%” loses trial and he’s definitely getting life with no parole. The guy who fought his friend definitely getting life with no parole. The guy who fought his friend who screwed his wife is to be sentenced on the scale of 15 to life. When he loses trial, seeing as his “crime” wasn’t so severe, he should get the minimum 15 year sentence (for each crime, but ran concurrent), BUT! Since he exercises his RIGHT to trial, and blew off the D.A.’s “deal,” that minimum will not happen and he’ll be lucky to get 25 years. Crazy right? Craziest part is that people refuse to believe it! Even my best friend, “What? There’s gotta be more to it.” No dude, there isn’t “more to it!”

Americans are so blind and naive! Ugh, I just got a note from the mail room. Turns out one of my students, Josh, wrote me a letter or drew me a picture, but I can’t have it because it’s done in crayon. What? I’m beyond words. Worst part is that it’s the only piece of mail (almost) I got all week! Grr. I’m gonna go curl up with my boy Nietzsche and let his words further fuel my hate. Hate is the greatest motivator, I have believed it always.

I will get back up.