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War Machine Prison Diary 2012: Weeks 19-20

Welcome to the latest installments of War Machine’s latest prison blog from behind bars in Las Vegas a he extols the virtues of ‘keeping it real’, shares some bad news about his grandma, goes on another rant about the injustices of the legal system and reveals that Bellator are coming to interview him.

Week 19:

“I – a crawler? Never in my life have I crawled before the mighty; and if ever I lied, I lied out of love.” -Nietzsche-

I obviously have not had the opportunity to watch the new MMA show that Spike TV does, in which they featured my current case. I have heard, however, what some have said. “He should have shown more remorse.” I’ve heard the same before, even “So what if you’re not sorry, pretend, who cares? You gotta give the big sponsors something to work with.” I don’t pretend, I don’t lie, and that’s because I’m not a coward. I stand by my actions, and I feel zero remorse for my supposed “victims.” What is RIGHT, and what is LEGAL, are not always one in the same. “I thought you ‘changed,'” “War Machine, turned over a new leaf?” No one “changes,” you can’t remove the stripes from a tiger. I love to FIGHT and always will and in MY opinion, that shouldn’t be a crime. Unfortunately for the world, I’m not a lawmaker. That being said, I also have zero desire of losing my “freedom” again. To remedy this, I have vowed: to never allowed myself to be put in a situation where there’s even the remotest chance of trouble, ever again. Just like a drug addict; all he or she can do is stay away from other addicts and the drugs themselves. They will always be an addict and their success will be directly related to their effort to stay away. THIS IS TRUTH, this is real life, and if it isn’t good enough for you, then go read a fairy tale. I refuse to be a phony. To me, nothing is worse than the priest who molests his altar boys, or the politician who is so tough on crime, yet gets busted with hookers and blow. I refuse to be like @JonnyBones, “Mr. Clean,” the Bible thumper. Just a few weeks back I read an article, in which he spoke on the UFC’s decision to become his corporate sponsor. He was quoted along these lines, “They made a good decision. You know, I’m not the type who goes off and gets a DWI and makes them look bad.” Just yesterday, a cop here told me that he totaled his Bentley, driving DRUNK! LMAO! Fucking PHONY! I don’t care what crime he committed, every human makes mistakes. What bugs me is that he will apologize and be returned to sainthood. Is it not worse to first speak out against something and then do it? THEN make like you’re sorry? If he never PRETENDED to be Mr. Perfect, this would just be another human making a mistake. But now he’s something worse; he’s a FRAUD. “At least he didn’t hurt anyone, you did,” chimes the old peanut gallery. Pure luck! He easily could have. Have I ever driven drunk? Of course, many times, most people have. The point is: “To be aware of the good and the just!” -Nietzsche- No one is so good.

I want other stars and athletes to be REAL, to be human and stop pretending. I want people to accept my plan for rehabilitation and to bury the need for me to be oh-so-sorry. Do you think @MikeVick is REALLY sorry that he fought dogs? If you do, you are a fool! He obviously enjoys dog fights, yet everyone accepted his phone apology and each kid’s camp he participates in, further proves him “reformed.” If he was a real man and said, “I love fighting dogs, I really wish it were legal, but I know it’s not. I promise I’ll never do it again,” what would have been wrong with that? Maybe that line in “A Few Good Men” is right, “You can’t handle the truth!!!” Why is that so? Why has society abandoned humanism and replaced it with these bogus ideals? I dunno, but Nietzsche had a good theory. He blamed it all on organized religion and claims that it has taught society to hate the body, to hate the Earth, and to hate all things human. He said it gave us false notions of good and evil and in turn has made liars and cowards of us all. We who can not live up to these false ideals, and who are ashamed of our human (evil) thoughts, are FORCED to lie, forced to put up a facade in compensation for our lack of “goodness.” This same concept is what makes us NEED apologies in order to forgive; even if we know they are not sincere. Anyway, I can already see the flack I’ll get for this blog, Nietzsche predicted it: “The good MUST crucify him who invents his own virtue. That is the truth!”

I will get back up.

Week 20:

“It is society, our tame, mediocre, EMASCULATED society, in which a natural man, who comes from the mountains or the adventures of the sea necessarily degenerates into a criminal.” -Nietzsche-

THAT is a good one. I can’t help but wonder: what a man who thought society emasculated in the 1800’s would think of it now? Pure disgust I bet. Anyway, I’ve noticed something interesting in regard to Mayweather and our chow here. My 1st 4 months we were only served fruit 2x/week, in the form of an orange, at breakfast. In that same 4 months, I swear, we were only served vegetables (besides potatoes) 3 or 4 times total. Well, a couple weeks ago, Mayweather’s attorneys went to court complaining about the level of nutrition here, saying that it’s so poor, that after his 90 day sentence, he may NEVER be able to fight again! LOL. They tried to get him released on house arrest but the judge denied it. BUT, all of a sudden, we get an orange every breakfast, and either green beans or carrots at dinner. Hmm… I see this as the jail FEARING, what they see as the inevitable inspection of our meals, by whatever authority monitors that, right? What else explains it? AND, is this not PROOF, that they have been KNOWINGLY feeding us inadequately? I still don’t see one serving of fruit and vegetables/day as adequate, but at least they can SEEM to be “making an effort” in the eyes of the authorities. CORRUPTION!

Anyway, so the neighbor I mentioned a couple weeks ago lost his trial and got sentenced to 30 to LIFE. His cousin (and co-defendant) took “the deal” and avoided trial and got 25 years, no “L.” So! As I mentioned before, my neighbor was punished more severely (for same crime) simply because he exercised his right to trial by jury! Complete bullshit. One particular thing about his trial that I found interesting was the testimony of the state’s gun powder residue expert. When asked if the suspect’s hands were tested for GPD after the crime, and if so what the results were, he said, “Yes, and they were inconclusive.” LMAO! You tested the guys hands for GPR, it was either present or not present, WTF does inconclusive mean?! His lawyer asked, “Had you found GPR on his hands, what would your testimony be?” Of course he said, “Positive.” So how does one get a “negative” result? You see, these types of deceptive subtleties occur all the time, straight corruption. Speaking of corruption, my release date magically moved from Oct. 14th to Oct. 29th! WTF? I filed a grievance to see what the hell is going on, I really hope it’s just a “mistake.” More shitty news just arrived in the form of a letter from my grandpa. My grandma started chemotherapy a bit ago and I guess new tumors have continued to form. Basically they said they can do no more and sent her home. They only live like 15 min. from this jail, so close but may as well be 15 hours because I can’t go see her. What if she doesn’t make it until I’m released? I guess I’ll just have to chalk it up to one more thing that that CUNT judge, and this sorry government, have robbed me of. Oh yeah, I’m a “danger to society,” I forgot. So let me get this straight, I’m a danger from March 2012 – October 2012, but then after that I’m okay and it’s safe for society to have me back? Oh yeah, that makes sense. This system is so stupid, jail is ineffective and only compounds the problems of society. Allow me to elaborate: 1 year in jail means you lose your car, home, credit, $, job, and (in many cases) forces a man’s family onto welfare, not to mention the $50,000/year it costs to house an inmate. Once released; that’s when the real punishment begins. Jail isn’t hard but being released with absolutely nothing definitely is. Where does he begin? Even if he learned his lesson and wants to “change” in his desperation, he’s gonna do it (whatever it may be), “Just one more time to get back on my feet.” This makes zero sense, totally counter-productive. I’m terrified of my own release and I at least have a career to come home to. I don’t know what I’m gonna do for the 3 months it’ll take to get back in fight shape. Do I mooch off friends, or do I just fight immediately and totally out of shape knowing I’ll lose? Now that I think of it, I’m scared to drive back to Cali. I’m sure my registration will be expired, what happens if I’m caught driving back, go back to jail? Fuck me though, what will all these guys do? I can’t imagine coming out with nothing, gives me a panic attack just thinking of it. I feel so bad for some of these guys, they’re set up for failure and have hardly any chance at all.

Anyway, so I’ve been wondering why the majority of the cops in jail seem to be pretty cool, where as most street cops are dicks? LOL. Seriously though, why is that? My best hypothesis is that it’s because we spend so much time with them. It’s hard to be an asshole all day, every day, to the SAME people because you come to know them and realize they aren’t so bad. So does that mean most of these guys would be dicks if they hit the streets? I hope not because some of them are real likable but the answer is probably, yes. Being a cop is a shitty job. 1) You have to enforce ANY law passed even if you don’t agree with it. 2) Most people dislike you because you either put them in jail, give them tickets, or didn’t respond to their emergency fast enough! LOL. Shit! Cop came to my door and said @BellatorMMA wants to interview me. I kinda gotta do it, but I feel ugly and gross: my hair is all long, I’m super pale, I’m skinny-fat and ugly! LOL. Ahhh… to be vain, fuck it!

I will get back up.

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