War Machine has some interesting insider-info regarding Bellator in his latest blog from behind bars.

Of course as we’ve already learned from his previous installments, Mr Machine will be a part of the promotion’s eighth season which will air on Spike TV early next year, but the new gossip is that they plan to give their fans the opportunity to become matchmakers by offering them a choice of four fighters to vote for, with the two men with the highest number of votes then battling it out in the cage.

According to WM he’s going to be one of those four fighters along with Paul Daley, Ben Saunders and Douglas Lima.

As he himself recognizes, any of those would be a tough match-up for him, not least because he won’t even get out of prison and have a chance to train properly until later on in the year.

Check out more of what he had to say on this and other matters in the double installment of his diary below.

WEEK 34:

“Rather know nothing than half-know much! Rather be a fool on one’s own than a sage according to the opinion of others!” -Nietzsche

I just finished up my interview with @SpikeTV for @BellatorMMA. They did end up bringing a chick; she may have been cute with a bubble butt too. I couldn’t get a good look ’cause they were nicer than than @NatGeo and kept her in the background to keep me from being tormented. The jail made us do the interview on their dumb lil’ phone and video booth, not face-to-face as I expected – WEAK! Out of the hour-and-a-half alotted to us, over half the time was spent doing nothing because the phones kept malfunctioning, exactly why I tell all my friends NOT to visit me here. Anyway, the interview went pretty well, we’ll see how it turns out. They didn’t even recognize me at first because my hair is so long and I look like a bum! LOL. So, I guess Spike and Bellator are doing a new thing for all of you fight fans out there, it’s called a “Fan Vote Fight.” It’s actually a pretty cool idea; all you fans can go to spike.com and match-make a televised fight, the 1st one will be between Ben Saunders, Paul Daley, Douglas Lima and myself: the two with the most votes fight! Cool, right? I’m confused on the timeline though. Will this be before the tournament begins, a part of the tournament, or after? I see potential problems with all 3 answers. If it’s before, what if one of the fighters gets hurt and then can’t do the tourney? After can’t really work because what if one of the 2 selected ends up winning the tourney and the belt? Lastly, if it’s part of the tourney, I guess it’d have to be match-make the semi-finals, because you wouldn’t do it for the 1st round, can’t have the best guys fighting 1st in a tournament. Hmmm… I’m as in the dark as you guys but we’ll find out soon! My bet is that it’s before the tourney though; if that’s the case I’m in for one hell of a first fight back if I’m selected! If I were smart I’d pray to lose this vote thing – well it turns out I’m dumb, or just VAIN, so make sure you vote for me! The more impossible the conditions of my come-back are, the sweeter my wins will be, right? That’s the way I HAVE to view this anyway. If I sit here and dwell on the lack of time I have to prepare and listen to the negative people, who say this is too much for a 1st fight back, I’ll go crazy in here.

Anyway, I’m trying to figure out who will win this vote – has to be between me, Daley and Ben – I have a sneaking suspicion it will be me and my boy Ben Saunders. Great for you fans because we’ll put on a show, but kinda shitty to fight a buddy. It isn’t the face punching, that’s nothin’, it’s the taking food off their plate that hurts. MMA ain’t basketball, it ain’t even boxing, we literally fight tooth-and-nail to survive financially. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it now again: MMA ain’t a sport, it’s war. NFL, NBA, MLB, etc. – their bench-warmers make enough $ to be comfortable, to own a home, to afford health insurance, etc. THEY play their games to win, to break records, but eating and paying rent NEVER cross their minds. Even the best, most famous MMA guys like St. Pierre only get like $500K per fight – Mayweather gets $1 million per MINUTE of his fights! LOL. MMA fighters are the TRUE modern day gladiators, slaves, fighting to earn our keep. I’m a sick man – because as I sit here, I can’t think of one profession I’d rather be in. There’s something primitive and instinctually gratifying about fighting for your life, for every bite of food you eat, for the security of your loved ones, and I fuckin’ LOVE it!

I will get back up.”

WEEK 35:

“”You will pass through storms, and you may suffer defeat. The essence of the creative life, however, is to persevere in the face of defeat and to follow the rainbow within your heart.” -Daisaku Ikeda

My jiu-jitsu coach’s [Baret Yoshida] wife just sent me 2 books on Buddhism and I really liked that quote so I figured I’d share it. Funny ’cause I had just had the guard play that song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Iz earlier in the day – I love that song; it’s beautiful and inspiring. I’ve actually been considering using it for my walk-out music when I fight; I always come out to reggae, I don’t need to get “pumped up” before the fight, I like the calm before the storm. Anyway, that song isn’t really reggae though, I dunno what it is considered. It’s super slow and chill though – super odd for a walkout song. I’m not sure how it’d be received by an audience – is the walkout song for the fighter or the audience though? We’ll see what I decide on.

Anyhow, some days it’s really a struggle to get off my rack and work out, doing the same limited routine is boring. I always feel good once it’s over though, plus I know I HAVE to train. I always just tell myself, “the sooner you begin, the sooner you’ll be done” and then say, “fuck!” and pout like a lil’ kid, then begin. LOL. Sucks too because we only come out of our cell to shower one time per day M-F, but you never know what time, if I’m still asleep I just refuse, I won’t come out for 4+ days sometimes. We “bird bath” in our sinks, but it’s never the same as a shower; I always feel dirty. I really can’t wait to be “out there” and able to train for real, shower for real, and eat real good – I just want to feel human again. Today is our day-shift guards last day with us, they’re rotating to a different module. Sucks, the past couple months have been nice; they play music for us, are fair, and are funny. Last week one of them caught a dude about to hang himself in his cell; after he says, “Fuck, I just saved myself an assload of paperwork! Fuck that though, if he had already been dead I’d just have: taken him down, tucked him in bed, and let night-shift find him.” LMAO! That shit’s funny to me, imagine if he really did that?! Funny as hell! I’m sure he was only joking, but still, you know if there were no cameras, he would.

Anyway, so the 95ยข stamped envelopes (and over-priced everything else) have exhausted my supply of $ and life is sucking. Starving all day long, and it’s killing my workouts; they don’t feed us enough calories here to meet normal daily requirements, let alone hard workouts, fucking sucks. Nothing worse than being bored, hungry, and then receiving mail that you can’t respond to, while being locked in a tiny cell 23/7. I know I could just call someone and ask for a deposit but I HATE doing that, haven’t once all this time. People have just been putting money on my books randomly, but the longer you’re inside the less it occurs. I think everyone just assumes everyone else is doing it and figure, “he’d ask if he needed something.” Even my toothpaste and soap is almost out! LOL. You have to be without $ on your books for a month in order to get a “welfare pack” – I’ll be home by then, shit! It’s funny though, ’cause I see all these other fools screaming on the phone (at grandma) demanding $, or going cell to cell mooching off people – I just can’t do that shit. I remember once, when I was an up-and-comer in Vegas, I had a 10 day period between where my lease had ended on my apartment and I could move into my next place. I had grandparents and mad friends right here in Vegas, but chose to sleep in my truck with my dog. LOL. I’m stupid, I’unno, just the way I am. Whatever, I’m almost out the door now, and finally done with all this DRAMA! I fuckin’ can’t wait! This time will have been nothing more than a bad dream in a couple more weeks. It’ll be, “Jail, starving, bored – what? All I see is pizza and pussy, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I will get back up.”

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